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By human dodge reap. Jeep ram walled. Lake. Tony Ortiz is live at the sports desk reverted implying. There's something wrong with the Spartans. There is something wrong with the Spartans. She's right about that. Michigan state dropping its third in a row. Mike and Roberta good morning after they get upset on the road last night by Illinois, seventy nine seventy four after the game head coach Tom Izzo called that lost one of the most disappointing of the season for his team played us and most aspects. I guess you gotta give us a little credit for the comeback and not easy to do in the road with a very nice good crowd comes courtesy of the Detroit News, by the way that loss. Now drops Michigan state a game behind Michigan in the chase for first place in the big ten. That's because the wolverines went on the road and beat Rutgers last night seventy seven sixty five in New Jersey forward. Iggy brass steak has had twenty three points to lead Michigan to that victory. The pistons have won back to back games for the first time since the middle of January victory number two comes last night as they beat the New York Knicks one zero five to ninety two at Madison Square Garden. Good night for Blake Griffin. He had twenty nine points, eight assists and six rebounds to lead Detroit's offense of attack after the game the pistons trade guard Reggie Bullock to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for guard. See McCormick in his final game is a piston. Bullock, scored nineteen points and pulled down seven rebounds lions linebacker Trevor Bates, pleading not guilty yesterday in New York City courtroom to charges of resisting arrest, assault and theft. Now, those are charges related to his arrest about two weeks ago for failing. To pay thirty two dollars in cab fare now if these convicted on those charges Bates could be sentenced to as much as seven years in prison. In a statement issued yesterday officials at Michigan confirm running back. Chris Evans is no longer a member of the wolverines football team. Evans was being projected as the starter. Next season later admitted on social media. He was quote going through some academic issues right now that he intends to continue his football career at Michigan with sports at fifteen and forty five past the hour. I'm Tony Ortiz, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty. Thank you, Tony. We'll update traffic and weather together next w w j news time six forty seven with the quicksilver card from Capital One. You earn unlimited one point five percent cash back on every purchase unlimited.

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