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Mr. Gonzalez and more from the Aurora police department, they share sheriff coming up at five thirty. Impre? We are nothing but police vehicles squad car can maybe thirty fifty. Vehicles home Aurora on Montgomery. I can see the King County sheriff maybe KENDALL county under all over here. Gather running front of my my office. Boy, it's it never ceases to amaze me when things like this happen. The the the difference of reporting from outlet towel. Let all the conflicting details and some of the people out in front of this. You know, multiple fatalities. No, no. Then just one dead. Well is the shooter. Well, we're not sure we think probably it is. So what are you? I mean, you've been watching this since the get-go is it a disgruntled employees ex employees that came back. Well, the one gentleman that you had on who said that he ran down the stairs. And somebody ran toward him. He was all bloody. And then he ran out of the building. He said he did recognize the shooter and indicated that that was somebody he worked with, but he did not give an identity so that come at five thirty we think, right? And if it's on time that's perfect because we can take the news conference part of your five thirty news right with this kind of a situation. The the the news. Press release, whatever you call press conferences can't be floating because they have so many parts, and so many people to gather together to get to these things when what time did this happen? I'm sorry. I a clock. I saw come across my phone. I have some news alerts on my phone, and I think the Tribune headed out there first they said there's been a we have an active shooter situation in Aurora. And whenever you hear that nowadays. The first thing you think about as a schools, but I have my young nephew with me today. I think a lot of the schools are closed today. Well, they did have school's in session. There was one nearby. And that was on lockdown in the west Aurora school district put their schools that was I think one district one twenty nine put the schools on soft lockdown. So no one could enter or exit until that lock. That's off lockdown was lifted which it has been since since it started in a I read also, and I think the Tribune's web site that one woman tried to call her father, of course, but he doesn't carry a cell phone. He's old school. So then it took him a while to find a phone at the plant. What's the name of the fit again? The Henry Pratt company. Henry Pratt company. What do they manufacture? Metals. Metal components. I believe it is how big of a factor. It's big it's pretty big. I don't have a square footage for you three one two five nine one thousand nine hundred against those questions. I'd like to hear from you. So she said it took fifteen or twenty minutes for her father to finally get a phone and call her and say, I'm okay, the cops have us locked down that looks like it's contained, but that's one of the things I read short-leg is about three o'clock and the gentleman you played John Probst. I believe is his name. He when he ran out of the building. He was waiting outside in the cold with some of his co workers. And there was a man who lives nearby who welcomed them into his house. It's a commodity in and get warm. Yeah. It's really it's bad out again today. So Mr. Probst, and then I also heard Mr. Gonzalez have both workers at this plant as soon Zola's works in the area. So he saw what was going on from his office with all of the police nebulous is rolling by see in this room. Our motto is. Don't get a right. Just get it on in your room as a news person, you have proper attribution. There you go. Those pesky facts, and I'm always cautious with active shooter because that is serious stuff. That means it's going on. It's like, oh, I wanna make sure the first thing I thought about is here. It's a year after parkland, and this is some sort of copycat every time you hears something like this to you. The first thing you think about unlike the phones guys release, the hounds and the phones. I the first thing the second thing, you think about is you personally, I think about school shooting. The second thing is terrorism post nine eleven here comes the next nut nutjob, and I guess, you know, it's bad situation. You would just one dead and the police are wounded seriously. What do we know about the police injuries? We hear that they are stable at this point. That's good. So hopefully, they're not life threatening injuries. But but then the second thing you think about as a courts terrorism some nut job. But yeah, active shooter is is that is a part of our lexicon. Now, isn't it? Verge part of living in a new injustice. Jussie Ville, I I've just been handed just a few minutes ago that the police have made arrests in the Justice smollet attack. Chicago PD say no charges yet. Right. The two persons of interest in the January twenty ninth assault unjustly spa. Smollet have become a lot more interesting to Chicago police in the last day and a half after being questioned at length yesterday. These two gentlemen, I'll take a stab at their names. Okay. Let's you'd like to go for it. Okay. I'll have been Joe and a Bimbo LA uh, son Dariel two brothers Ethiopian. They're now in custody. The two are brought in formerly on suspicion of assault and battery they do know Jesse. Now, what does that tell you? It's moving those names. What's that? Who's moving those names? Where'd you get those names from is? Usually don't mention names. Still charges are filed usually deadline dot com. See they're not charged yet. Well, the two of them brought informally on suspicion of assault. And bam. And play it safe. Are we run on that three minute delay that we recommend around here? Whatever you don't have to get it. Right right now have to get it on. I just have to get it. Right. And you did a good job with his name. You have to get. Let's get it on the right and believe me. My job's a lot easier. So bolt one of these two brothers. I will I will not mention their names. Now a gentle their formerly great. So just forget, I said proudly said them so poorly. Anyway, nobody recognizes him easy open is now what it used to be. One of the brothers had appeared as an extra on the on the empire. And did know this guy the victim. Let's Millette pardon me small latte is continuing to cooperate with the investigation. A police source told their website, I mentioned adding that the brothers didn't know the actor. Although how well is unclear at present. Justice expected to be later today to identify the duo at some point. So there will be as we talked about on this program yesterday think with Rafer Weigel there will be some sort of lineup. If it hasn't happened already later today. So also, the police were scolding the local media for unconfirmed an inaccurate reports that the alleged assault unjustly more than two weeks ago was staged as a career move. There were also rumors that empire had dumped him or writing him out of the show. And thus the impetus that's the motive perhaps for him to stage something, but the fact that these other two guys are involved surly lends more credibility to Jesse story in lass. Less a whole thing was cooked up. But again, this is conjecture and producers of the shower saying now, those reports patently ridiculous that he was being dumped that he was going to be done. Yeah. So and you know, part of this interview yesterday he was he was doubling down in the money clip, which I don't think I played yesterday. But made the rounds this is from good Morning, America. And last night on ABC to this is where he got a lot of a lot of attraction when Jesse said if it had been a Muslim or a Mexican it feels like. If I had said. It was a Muslim on Mexican. Someone black. I feel like the doubters would have supported me a lot much more a lot more. And that's a lot about the place that we are in our country right now one other thing that he responded to on this interview think during the two was what Donald Trump had said when this this incident about two weeks ago came to light Donald Trump was asked about it and replied. I.

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