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From cafe welcome to stay tuned. I'm Preet Berar typically vice president is chosen to win a state balance the ticket appeased constituency as you pointed out, historically, there's no evidence that it does any of those things you're incentivized as the party's nominee to choose somebody who is sufficiently boring that they won't upstate you. But not so boring and problematic that they're going to embarrass you. So you basically want a sort of JV version of yourself. My problem with that is I don't want the JV version of the party's nominee potentially one heartbeat away from the presidency. That's Jared cone. He's the CEO of jigsaw. Google ideas incubate he also served in the State Department as an advisor to Condoleeza Rice and later Hillary Clinton. He's now out with his fourth book accidental presence and Jared's still a few years away from turning forty. Anyway, I got over all that. And we spoke about how history can be changed by heartbeat and about Jarrett's time in the State Department where an unusual approach to unrest in Iran landed him at twenty seven in the New York Times that's coming up. Stay tuned. The New Yorker is considered by many to be the most influential magazine in America. The New Yorker covers a full range of topics politics, News, International affairs, climate change, the arts food humor and more of online and in print the New Yorker covers subjects many readers may not have previously put much thought into like Lyme disease. The world's diminishing supply of sand and hunting down heirloom beans. The magazine has a stellar cast of.

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