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A me mason downfield throw there was a long touchdown to a wide open guy like you look like the prospect that everybody was waiting on but here's the thing we the fans are not around you guys every day like two coaches so was not about just your first one or two series that we had in a usc game this was something that was going way back to when you first came in the previous year as a freshman and there was some stuff that we as fans for gabon coaches did not forget your coaches did not forget that in the first two spring scrimmages you had a total of six interceptions six interceptions three of which were returned for touchdowns saddiqui yet six interceptions in two games three of which were returned for touchdowns you win and work with george whitfield of very popular quarterback coach whose work with the likes of kamnu andrew luck jamus winston if you watch years pa simona all the time you went to work with this man came back improved in some areas and you got better get better but you didn't get good enough for the alabama program but they still entrusted you they still gave you the keys to the cars that hey go out and prove it would giving you the start not jaylen hurts were given new start is yours to lose and you lost it that's competition i understand people have been praising you probably says you in the eighth might gray which golden armenia and yet height but this alabama is a different culture bro we don't care about all of that all we care about is can you win games and you couldn't get that done there wasn't a decision that one coach made definitely wasn't says let us fans made collectively the team and the coaches said you're not the guy so i was a mad at you for and i felt like it was better for you to transfer but if you bought it my respect and in respect of everybody around our program you would have kept competing.

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