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And final round of the us open today in we're getting a little closer to win the leaders teeoff we had back to erin hills in check in with the fans allegory abby lee anyway hours away from the later brian harmon thirty year old left even georgia taking his oneshot lead the opening hong hearing that paired with a 24yearold justin thomas said yesterday was actually thinking of things seem to affect verdy the fed chain that he was thrilled with his recordsetting nine hundred sixty three after birdying the seventeen an eagling the parfive eighteen imagine hitting a three wood pre headed inch 10yards within eight he did a cop well when approach from jet in dhaka thomas yesterday setting at that either opportunity but about a young dimes out there rex kept how one shot back tummy fleet led the 26 hurt the mainland only one shot back rickie fowler when at the honda classic they share body and the player second 2015 puffing away in his first major title he's only sat back and finally speaking of young don's dammit or cameron champ just started at four under this from texas an and he's been averaging three hundred fifty five yards off the tee here this week are it in an over citi field jacob gromit take matters into his own hands he has just homered off of joe ross and so the mess a nationalist tied at one bottom three u s open golf report brought to you by the tpp five ex golf ball from taylor me 84 degrees partly sunny skies at central park and that's what's happening of obviously with 2024 some sports radio 66 and on your fm data one the one nine flagship station for booming car in the morning mike saw franceso.

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