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We are raising the money that keeps the station coming to you for an entire year. I'm Richard Hake here with WNYC's program director, Jacqueline Cincotta, Jacqueline. Good morning. Good morning, Richard. We're taking this early morning. Yeah. To remind people that they are really important in what we do here. Like, you said the single largest source of our funding. We can't say that enough. It is such an important thing to put out there. We're actually heartened to be able to say that voluntary contributions from our listeners are the single largest source of funding. But that is the truth. And that is why WNYC sounds the way it does that is why we can act as an independent media journalism without the pressures of corporations and prophet. And that's what you get from public radio. That's what you hear WNYC. And that's what we're asking you to support right now with your call to eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine two eight eight eight three seven six WNYC. It'll take just a few minutes of your time. Whether you call on the phone or if you want to go online and fill out our e pledge forum that's been streamlined. So it should get you in and out of that pretty quickly as well. You'll see all of our thank you gifts. And you'll be supporting your public radio station and Jacqueline. We have a little bit of a deadline this morning, we have a special that's going on right now. We're offering coffee women what better time this time of day. To offer some coffee. I wanna cut right now. Well, WNYC is offering in any gift if you a pledge before seven o'clock that's just about sixteen minutes way. We will send you as a bonus at any pledge level. Some coffee specially roasted by Brooklyn roasting company, you.

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