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We are going to talk next. Netflix limited series dash and lilly. It is based on a wii novel by rachel cohn and david love then and they also wrote by the way nick infinite playlist which was also made into a movie. That i kind of doug. It's about these two high school age kids and they're both At home by themselves for christmas and she leaves a note book in the strand bookstore with kind of an instruction that starts him on a kind of a scavenger hunt. Then they start leaving notes in this notebook for each other daring each other to do different things but they don't actually meet they. Just leave the notebook to pick up. So it's kind of this correspondence falling for each other. Kind of things. Serena what did you think the top you to comment on the trailer says this. Look stupid as all hell. I can't wait to watch and that's exactly what happened to me. I think it's cute. I loved it. It was silly. So sue me. It was great. I really like this new style of round com protagonist. Like think of your large in covey's as played by lana condor until the boys. I've loved before they live in their heads. But they're not like socially illiterate. I think The casting and this was great. I really rooted for both ash. An lily but i think lily really stole the show. I liked that she wasn't this ugly duckling who needed this makeover or the cool guy didn't transform her she didn't need to become you know swan prince s. She was already cool. And mostly self confident and i liked how their romance helps her live. Maybe a more fuller life. She likes such study to try new things and come out of her shell. In that way. And i think that's a really healthy way to portray young love to me. The young people who are going to watch this in a way that i really could've used when i was growing up. I hate those Like the very hetero idea of like a man fixes or saves a woman. And i think it's not doing this at all austin abrams. Who plays dash has this wonderful Like shallow may. Sad boy factor. That makes them very endearing. Sorry the dash. The book is a little bit more pretentious and arrogant and root for him as much until i think Abrams is really bring a lot to this character. I think pedantic book readers who are coming into the series might be a little disappointed that some of the dares changed In some of the dynamics are different. Make the the love square as it is introduced in the series exist in the book..

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