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All right, mountain goats on Mount Evans are getting sick. The parkas and wildlife biologists are going to study to find out why. And Denver police are alarmed by a recent surge in violent crime. They're looking for suspects is nine people were shot Sunday in a Denver park. Those stories and more coming up the five o'clock with Cathy Walker on K Away News radio Thiss is big Alan Jo Jo. Thanks Once again to Ah, Doctor pile Coley for joining us talking about how the heart is affected from covert 19 in just some crazy ways, And by the way, I did love how she said As soon as we hung out with her that you were supposed to call her, But you've taken care of your business. I did, I did. I mean, that was a true story. I mean, when I was in AA I was at the combine, and during my doing my time. You know, I had to do a stress test because my E K g was off and so They put a 12 lead on me, and I had to go to sleep with it on wake up with it on And then I had to take that recorder back to the hospital the next day, and then they took all that data. And then they imported into a computer. And then they put me on. Ah, different stress test where I had to run and like 75% of my capacity. All right, So I'm running and I'm in the best shape of my life. I am not lying. I am in the best shape of my life. And they are steady putting that damn treadmill on an incline right just to make sure that I was working hard enough to get the information that they needed. So we go through that I go through the entire process. Okay? And I get drafted. But before I get drafted, you know that same day I had to run the 40 yard days which, by the way, was right after right after. I mean, listen, I left the hospital and I went to run the 40 yard dash and it was just not a good day. Let's just say My legs were gone. My legs were gone just a terrible day to run. Looking back at it. I wish I would have just waited to run it, but I ran it and it wasn't great. Red, like 478 You know some some terrible time. I'd never run that story in my life when it came to Boulder when the pros came the boat I ran for 53455 So it's a huge difference. Ah! But later on, I was sitting there with the doctor's at in Cincinnati. Dr Timmerman, who was a great team, Dr Grey Team doctor really cared. Uh, just just just the kind of guy that I would want to be my family doctor forever. Okay, So, Dr Timmerman, I told my say, man, something's spilling a little weird. Don't you think? You know my heart is skipping a little bit Feel like You know, like something's not right because my high school coach told me those were butterflies is, he said Maybe you just haven't butterflies just nervous about the game, and I was just like, okay. Never knowing that I had. Ah, heart condition. Just you just don't know it when you grow. You grew up with this. This Body of yours, and you don't know how everybody else's body works. It's just that you're working with the body that you have right now. And what you thought was normal was known wasn't normal wasn't normal. When? When? When it was found out, and so I went and had these. Ah Um Extra pathways, a bladed and surgery in Oklahoma, and the rest is history. But it's a trip because what if I was one of those student athletes that would have gotten Cove it right. And I would have been. I would've pears from Cove. It But it would have been found It would never have been found out until much later that I had. You know this W P W because nobody does that kind of extensive exams on until they're going to pay you a ton of money When they're going to pay you a ton of money. All the tests are done. So maybe you know, going going forward. Maybe if I was a high school If I had a kid that was a high school student, Certainly I'm goingto I'm going to give my kid and E k g. That's that's looking to be a college athlete. Yeah, I would think so. It's just part of the process well, and also because he's your kid, he may have inherited something even know he may have. But it's just.

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