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Thank you and now back to the show verse six when you saw his mother in disciple whom he loves sandy nearby also disciple who super fast and runs very fast. Forty Times he said to his mother woman behold your son for seven. They said to disciple behold your mother and from that hour the disciple took her to his own home. So this is This kind of beautiful it's Kinda. Sad. Yeah. But it's also for me the stressful because I'm the kind of guy who I strive for clarity right? I want understanding and that's why I've never wanted to be on a game show because I feel like they explain the rules but they don't explain the nuance of the rules and I'm always worried I'm not gonna you on the price is right or just survivors like this challenge do I carry the bag of corn here in tropic it's just really confusing and just feel like Geez rushed like I. Know He's going through some stuff in the moment he was literally die he's literally dying but also I imagine just generally having some questions of like does she live with me? Do I call her once a week like how does this work I mean culturally okay. So in the Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible that I love it said that Mary was probably a widow at this age because she was in her forty, right? Hello. Wow that's tough with a lot of life. We don't have a lot longer to which is so funny because. We're going to see how long John Lived. So it's nuts but that because Jesus was the oldest child, it would have been his house legal responsibility to care for his because women didn't have any legal seating without a male advocate when it by another male in the family if it wasn't someone. So naming somebody was important like it was something that he should do. Yes. It's weird that it wasn't one of his brothers Yeah. I wouldn't or why was he worried about it if it's like what we know so little about I, mean we know James a pillar of the church, but there's argument that he didn't become back till. After Jesus sure from dad that his his siblings did not believe he was the Messiah. And really chastised his mother for that. You know there's lots of controversy from somebody will say those those guys are not brothers cousins. It's as it gets a little murky maybe Eric speak more into now. So but I just think. It says a lot about the relationship if you go this is the this is the woman who I love when it was important. This whole understand I'm not just our son part of a story. That she's a critical part of I want her to be taken care of I'm going to let this guy he's the guy eight. He's the only guy left standing. Yeah. Yeah. You know I think just like we're talking about Peter having this transcendent religious experience, and then to talk about like a ten placement on the mountain, you know it reaffirms and. His humanity I think similarly like you're saying this moment a so I think it's easy to get swept away with. He's become Lightning Guy God cloud came by he's crucify is GONNA rise? Again. He starts to just become God at that point..

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