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Of hamas news 955 and am 750 wsb it's 554 with forty three degrees here's marcy williams judd hickinbotham to men are arrested for allegedly selling potentially fatal painkillers across metro atlanta we will prevent people from getting sick and even people from dying pipeline interrupted of dozens of pills police say laced with fed milk coursing through metro streets but catching suspects in these cases not typical says dr gaylord lopez of the georgia poison centre no one's been caught yet in the case of those middle georgia overdoses from last summer the type of folks are generally queued at a depth ahead of left and by the time we find about it because somebody in the emergency room or someone in the more edgar treiguts wsb in atlanta police officers arrested and charged with stocking and threatening his ex girlfriend police ajc ricketts showed up at the woman's lithuania home unnoticed another man's car out frontier allegedly ram a searchable license plate and called his ex to give her the information ricketts is also accused of sending threatening text messages apd's investigating almost two dozen gang members arrested in cobb county or approximately five thousand members of this gang that's us attorney bj pack announcing 23 members of the ghost's face gangsters indicted including six female gang members some with tattoos all over their bodies including tacts on their neck and face corrections commissioner greg dossier says many of the gang members operate from inside the prison and get drugs and cell phones smuggled in through food lately we've been having to check the cavity extremely closely they've been holed out at the cobb county police department robert orlinsky wsb wsb news time 556 time to forgive beat on weather and traffic today's forecast here's wsb meteorologist kirk mellish windy and chilly are higher fifty one right now we're 43 what's happening in.

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