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All right. The fourth thing they look at his public interest and this played into the decision as well. In this case, this means wooded unduly hurt fortnight players or unreal engine developers that aren't part of the case. The judge actually acknowledged that fortnight is really important right now she wrote the court further recognizes that during these Corona Virus Pandemic Times virtual escapes assistant connecting people in providing space that is otherwise unavailable, but she didn't find that that interest outweighed the other public interest of quote requiring private parties to adhere to contractual agreements. She's like sorry that's not an excuse on the other hand. Stopping developer access for the development of unreal engine would definitely harm third parties. She wrote the record shows potential significant damage to both the unreal engine platform itself and to the gaming industry generally including on both third party developers and games epic games and Apple are at Liberty to litigate against each other. But their disputes should not create havoc to buy standards and the judge notes her previous determination that it isn't obvious that epic. Violated terms regarding unreal engine with epic International. She's like there's another agreement here that they didn't even violate. So in summary because epic could easily fixed the night situation and there isn't enough harm to epic or players by keeping it out the fortnight band is allowed to stand. But because there are separate agreements regarding unreal engine and it would definitely harm third party developers apple may not suspend epochs whole developer account affecting unreal engine now. Like. I said, this is not the end. There will now be a full hearing on the preliminary injunction on September twenty eighth. It's essentially a less urgent version of the same thing. Again, the temporary restraining order only lasts to get them to that preliminary injunction where they will determine what the status quo should be during the case case going to go over all this again. The actual court case over this won't be scheduled until after that preliminary injunction has decided and that's unlikely to happen this year. Hence, the importance placed on these injunctions because they're deciding what the status quo will be for the next year or more. You. Know I, think it was I. I. Don't know if you read the unofficial minutes of the hearing by I think it was Sarah John Young Young really fascinating stuff. judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers got everything right in my opinion she understood the intricacies of everything including video games aspect she she was like as a tech. A connoisseur I thought she was. An expert in everything she said understood and and decided it was impressive. Now it seems like she I mean, this is what I said probably would happen yesterday and so it did we didn't get any shockers here. Said, she agrees with Tom's matter. Whether you agree with them or not you can participate in. By submitting stories and voting on others at daily. Tech. News show DOT Reddit, Dot Com who agrees with.

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