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Want to call it that then some of the other guys in this draft and i'm not talking about at you apparently doesn't react well to pressure on the ball not not great if you're going be a primary bowl handler no not not talking about either one of those guys i look at guys like jaren jax and wendell carter and i see guys there that or more like the best players that have come out of the draft recently you think about jason taylor even watching the celtics thinking about al horford i see guys who can switch on screens goo ken play consistent and excellent you're with us defense everywhere all the time long athletes i see guys with at least in wendell carter's case some offense of polish to and in both cases real offense of upside i see much more of the kind of modern kind of star than i do in either and or dockage to tell you the truth though i haven't seen much of donkin other than the video we've all seen the point is that i think when people when you have the number one overall pick in the draft it can hurt judgment at times because you you think okay i got the number one overall pick like how often do you get this unless you're the cleveland cavaliers without lebron i better hit a home run with this pick but sometimes there is no you know home run or grand slam in the draft sometimes the best available pick even at number one is just a good double off the wall that scores two runs if you consider jason tatum net or someone like that and i think wendel carter junior and jaren jackson junior fit that description and i'd be afraid i'm not saying you don't take eight number one i just don't think it's a slam dunk soda speak because i would be concerned that the wish casting the desire for him to hit that home run with the one number one pick the fact that he is so big already offensively so good will lead a team to make a mistake i think they should give very careful consideration to the other players i just mentioned.

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