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Stock dr larry great ryan great to be back yeah i was out new jersey taught an amazing course to a bunch of new students and we made some money what's better than that sounds like a good time and if you would listen to the show for a while you know that larry as the stock doctor he's the brains of the operation here so i've been kind of i've been kind of lost without my i almost that copilot but really i bet lost without my pilot i've just been a copilot wandering the world aimlessly but this is a lot of fun i love doing the show show i get excited ford every week and it's part of my rebellious nature which as a child i think is is is one of the things i love about it and what i mean by that is if you guys of listen to this show before the you know what i'm about to say but if you have it this year was all about money and talking about money and talking about how to make money in a little kid if your parents like my parents they told you do not talk about money that's not that's not appropriate that's not that's rude that's insensitive you could hurt somebody's feelings well ladies and gentlemen our financial family out there listeners all over the world we are excited because we're going to spend the next sixty minutes doing exactly that talking about how to make more money in the financial markets it always ends up being a threepart question i love kick lucio off with this because we really can't talk about this enough right how we make money inside of the financial markets i say it ends up being a threepart question because there's three directions the market can go i just got back from hawaii about i don't know 48 hours ago working with a group of eighty new students talking about these exact concepts and it really boils down to these three things this is what we just focus on focus on focus on focus on and it is just those those ways of making money what are the marks going number one up whether of the markets number two going down or also number three going in that.

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