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Of line hang on hang on my computer is the Slovak Justin Bannan okay two thousand one bills draft right at the neckline and stressed no she doesn't want Mike Williams no I wasn't is it not that Williams for number it appeared to I'm sorry I got on the treadmill let's okay that's when they drafted Mike Williams okay let's don't your right German two thousand guineas Clements draft they come it's it is that comes right through doesn't want nobody was in that draft wait two thousand one two thousand one is Nate Clements yeah okay two thousand one thousand who is Michael yes comments show full Henry Travis Henry's around to Ron Edwards in round three Jonas Jennings in round three Brandon spoon in round four this guy in round five this is before I worked on drafts so I'm not yeah that's right one year before I'm running out of obscure bills draft picks I think this is this is the death knell of the game okay the answers markets Solomon or Morrow never Solomon are keys never key Solomon do you member let's see who else is that Daniel Leary known Tony driver know Reggie Germany was in that class yeah I think this is I think you can wave goodbye to the obscure bills traffic and it's just too far back for me for me yeah I got it yeah and I've and I've got no help because I don't remember I was trying to limit it to draft when you were working at the station I went one year back too far I was here I would have been working on draft day but I worked a lot on draft infertility doesn't one.

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