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911 is ready to take your emergency call go to hac 911 .com backslash dc for service 24 day hours a seven days a week again hrac 911 .com backslash dc or call 301 -939 -0499 today concerned about the irs plans to more intensely scrutinize the tax returns of high net worth people and businesses showman rogers tax lawyer nancy ortmeyer coon shares advice about how to get out ahead of a potential audit advice that can help all taxpayers she says because people have been given this advance warning that the audits are going to increase it's worthwhile for them to go back and look at the last three years you know see if the positions taken on the tax returns are reasonable or if there are any very risky positions that were taken and if so they might want to think about amending a return if they amend a return before the irs comes in the penalties are really non -existent i mean they can avoid penalties and the tax liability if if they pay it up front they'll avoid interest in all sorts of problems. learn more about showman rogers tax law services at showman rogers dot com up ahead on wtop we've the got latest on the nats we'll try to turn things around sports is coming in 10 minutes on wtop summer is here time for perfectly aged always tender and guaranteed delicious omaha steaks here's an amazing when offer you go to omaha steaks dot com and enter hourly into the search bar save over sixty one percent on the gourmet grill pack and and receive a free omaha steaks burgers when you order omaha steaks isn't just steak it's the best steak of your life guaranteed type hourly into the search bar at omaha steaks dot com and order the gourmet grill pack today omaha word

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