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It doesn't bode well May get into of course rookie of you ain't seen entity edwards at number one tires talbert at number to africa had three or four. They got available. If i understand like also glad that right here watch watches on youtube. But i understand that lamelo was hurt for some games but this idea that anybody past anthony edwards as really made any move on the bella ball it wbz spectacular this year to move past. Although ball is bogus consumers. He got back susie get back. He's making one passes a year. You know like he's a highlight. Reel way to happen. I mean he. He's does it ceases to amaze me like what he's doing his it's actually he is basically 'cause you know he's already better than his brother. He impacts the game better than his brother. Winning he impacts winning ben's brother of it just impacts better like he makes people around him better than already like out go to lonzo necessarily people had better but lamelo makes everybody on the team better. I always sure as make back bombo at miles. Bridges look ahead with up in not take out the for miles bridges because he's a highlight human. Islet row to lamelo is great. I've never been exciting charlotte hornets basketball. I think every you might see the it every podcasts. I might have to just do a abella ball. Said you know really have do ball seven. Yeah he's excited. And i was stephen. A sniff is giving the kid a lot of credit out. You know this kid is going to be great for charlotte. abby gone lands and said that about a ball probably. The second grade is draft pick. We were drafted by what kobe bryant who we traded off draft night we trade off kobe bryant draft night but kobe bryant was clearly the greatest draft pick ever is charlotte hornets history in traded off. You know we traded off our future like kobe. Bryant woulda did so much for charlotte. He wouldn't is up much it hung out. Let's take a larry. Johnson which will call it was already gone in alonzo mourning so he would have brought in a new era charlotte hornets basketball of. He would've been a guy that we have looked to.

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