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Several days of rain starting on Friday, save a WTO for more on these developing stories in just minutes, where the time now Thursday morning is one 48. Round think of whether all of the 8s over to rich hunter in the WTO P traffic center. And it works out down in Stafford county, stop out 95 south of route 6 30 Stafford headed down towards centerport Parkway traffic moving again in that work on believe this is the third closure they've had this morning, so again, until 3 a.m., all bets are off, so they still can stop traffic at least one more time, so we'll keep an eye on it, but for now, delays are beginning to ease and just after the interchange for route 6 30 Stafford had been a broken down tractor trailer, but apparently they've got it behind the work barrels, not so it's no longer affecting flow. Now if you're traveling north down on 95, leaving Fredericksburg headed up toward the beltway in Springfield for now, no incidents anyway, no work sounds. Traffic's flowing freely and they just open the express lanes to northbound travelers so you have that as an option as well. Now over on the eastern shore bay bridge, westbound span remains closer over and I maintenance, eastbound carries two way traffic, then on westbound 15 Annapolis, between cape saint Clair Ritchie highway, there the work sun has you down to a single riding where they're doing milling and paving, and in case you missed it, the work sound the emergency work on the interloop of the belly and the local lanes on the Woodrow Wilson bridge. That has since been picked up and cleared rich hunter WTF traffic storm team four tracking what should be a pretty nice looking Thursday for you and we're starting off on a cool side once again, but warming to the upper 60s to around 70. So well below average, still rather breezy. Rain

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