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Baseball some movement perhaps on the notion of rules changes ESPN's Jeff passan reporting Tuesday night that MLB has a proposal on the table for the players union were baseball will set aside the notion of a pitch clock until at least twenty twenty two in exchange for a number of other considerations in discussions with the union also in that proposal a joint study of the strike zone and mount height and distance. But baseball needs a spot to try these things out, and they have found just add MLB is partnering with the. Independent Atlantic league to act as its testing ground for the experimental plane rules and equipment during the season. It's a three year agreement between the leagues that was announced Tuesday. The agreement allows for baseball to implement changes to the Atlantic league playing rules in order to observe the effects of future of potential future. Rule changes at the major levels. And yes, those changes could include moving the mount back and using a computerized system to call balls and strikes in the past baseball had used the fall league as the testing ground, but the Atlantic league Atlantic league offers players with more experienced about forty percent of the players in the Atlantic. Have major league service time and most have spent time in the minors Nolan will spend more time in Colorado. He has a new deal with the Rockies eight years. It'll be the highest paid player in baseball to the guy's a PTI Waban's 'aeronautics signing be a bigger deal than the eventual signing of Harper. Yeah. Aaron nado. I mean by most measures, and God knows all kinds of measures. These days is a better player better everyday player better defensively. I no one is in third baseman and outfielder, but but more important to his team defensively. More clutch got six straight goal. Yes. He's great. He knew what the acid rain doesn't affect the not catching adult. But offensively I it lightly. Does you wanna just sort of there? But Tony, this is an important signing. And maybe it's also Nado saying, you know, what these free agent bonanzas aren't quite what agents have been promising. No, no. But he didn't become a free agent. Not what I'm saying. No. He took thirty to the point. Was he stayed where he right, right? Right. Right. Wait for somebody to tell them if you wait for the Yankees and the cubs in the dodgers and the Mets four hundred bird in hand take the burden. His average is over the last four years to ninety seven batting average forty homers hundred twenty six. Yeah. That's in Colorado. But it's fantastic numbers games. Right today on my podcast. And I said, well, why hasn't Harper sign and he said Bryce Harper is so amazingly competitive that it is important to him to sign the greatest contract of all time. Well, I'm not sure that Boris and Harper S fingered on thirty two point five a year. That's that's the number one number right now. I don't know what this means for Bryce Harper could do shorter term. You don't think somebody was signed him right now for three years thirty four million dollars a year or four years maybe five, but again, we have now you're talking ten. That's the whole point. We have this discussion about Harper all the time as you wait for Harper for three years he could've stayed wash. He could've got numbers. And I don't know. I don't know when he looks at this. Does he go does? He just what's going on here. Darren donaldson. Somebody miscalculated on the Harper team might be. Eight years two hundred sixty million and ask for Harper. The discussion, of course, is about terms now as well as where he will go we heard over the weekend. The dodgers were back in the mix. But they're looking at a shorter term offer for our Mark to shero says come on now. These are conversations that should have been had in November. Okay. What do you want? What are the years? What are the a v? I know I signed my contract right before Christmas. I thought that was late. So I just don't understand, you know. What Bryce Harper thinks the market the market stocks gonna change that much from now until the season starts, and I I'm with the Phillies. Tell me if you're in or not if you wanna be here sign the three hundred plus million dollar contract that you have in front of you. If not we're going to move on is this a play. Do you think that Scott Boras in any agent is trying to get the most money for his guys out there of maybe using this as leverage to see if he can get a little bit more money out of the affiliates, or do you think possibly that? He doesn't wanna play in Philadelphia. I think it could be both Scott Boris is the best agent in baseball. Just put it out there. He gets the best contracts for his clients. And he is using other teams as leverage, but there has to be a part of Bryce Harper that really wants to stay on the west coast, and he saw last week three hundred million ten year deal that Manny Machado got with the Padres last Friday. Two thousand fifteen National League MVP six all star appearances and seven big league seasons with the Washington nationals to forty nine hitter. With thirty four homers hundred RBI last season. Straight ahead knows ion no win for Duke. That's straight ahead. Sportscenter allnight continues. It's ESPN radio. Eight. Sports..

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