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The capital attack. Just two Republicans crossed the aisle to join Democrats days are 2 22. And the nays are 1 90. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says it's imperative for democracy that investigators get to the bottom of what happened on January 6 13 Democrats and five Republicans on the committee Jackie Quinn, reports Republicans say it will be politicized former Atlanta Americans seem read may face a federal investigation as he prepares to make another run for mayor. Atlanta Journal Constitution. Reports read appears to be under investigation for allegedly using campaign funds to make personal purchases, a jewelry, resort travel, lingerie and furniture. So far, there's no comment from Reed, who is running for a third term read suggested in an interview last month that he's been cleared of any wrongdoing, a game changer for college athletes in Georgia and across the country. For the first time they can now make money on their fame to a board of directors has voted to allow student athletes in all three divisions to pursue compensation for their name, image and likeness without jeopardizing their college eligibility. The move came ahead of laws going into effect Thursday in more than 10 States Micro CIA reports. Georgia is among those states College athletes can now get paid for things like sponsorship deals, online endorsements and personal appearances. The bidding is over for what may be the world's oldest whiskey, and you Won't believe how much it sold for after a week long auction the bottle of old single do whiskey just sold for $110,000 that blows away early projections that might go for between 20 and 40. K the whiskey, possibly as old as the late 17. Hundreds bottled by Evans and Raglan in LaGrange, Georgia, Likely mid 18 hundreds. What spirits expert Joseph Hyman told me earlier about who would buy this serious collectors who wants to put it away. Just enjoy looking at it. I doubt anybody can actually open it and drink it straight. It's 95.5 WSB WSB news Time is 8 51 from Georgia 400 Colbun. Delays are next traffic update in.

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