Johnson, Claire Mccaskill, FBI discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


On tuesday we aren't the only ones who notice the disappearance of this alleged informant johnson's fellow center of claire mccaskill the ranking democrat on the senate homeland security governmental affairs committee which johnson chair today chairs today asked him for evidence to support its claims quote she said if the committee has any evidence that the fbi is as you have stated biased and corrupt at the highest levels i assume that evidence is strong in both quality and quantity and extends far beyond a casual mentioned in a text message between two agents who were involved in personal across talk well lee today's that are johnson wouldn't comment any further and said quote we will see what the next text say i the next text let's get to that the missing tax that was part that was the second part of this conspiracy theory there was being floated by the present as allies the five months of tax that were missing not just between struck in page mind you broke from about one in ten fbi phones according to the department of justice due to a miss configuration glitch now a number of republicans on capitol hill claimed to cover up how convenient they said missing text messages they said well it turns out there not missing any more the justice department's inspectorgeneral has let lawmakers know they actually successfully used friends at tools to recover all those messages so much for the conspiracy belief that this was a coverup it appears it was it widespread malfunction but lawmakers were very quick to jump all over it despite an absence of any evidence the irony is these are some of the same republican lawmakers who've been critical of democrats for creating conspiracy theories about collusion and not waiting for actual investigations to conclude this is all become a familiar.

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