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Rick worthington news is brought to you by cap it credit union the president heads to capitol hill took personally lobby senators for tax reform today how do you build up interest in a meeting designed to get all gop senators on board with tax reform for president trump it's a twitter storm isn't it sad that lightweight senator bob corker who couldn't get reelected will now fight tax cuts that's the president corker takes issue with the president accusing him of backing the iran nuclear deal when he did not corker wouldn't use the el word is he said that is calling the president a liar however he speaking freely in the halls of the senate i don't know why y lowers himself to such a low low standard debases our country and the way that he does what he does corker says he would not support the president in 2020 seeming to regret his backing mr trump last year bob costantini capitol hill whether forecast for the remainder of the day high 63 temperatures tonight falling to forty one should be in the '60s threw the remainder of the week i'm rick worthington nate shelman shell three to set it they wanna give you the figures are out previous club feature in the state so if they want to come to a a yet our attention they need to use eu and they lead to give you enough time how can public with my did bigger or did the room dip followed i'm going to go back to the podcast and i will listener randy's call over and over me shelman weekdays starting at three on news talk six seventy kbio ooh burn out the factory malan these are attempts to having a state of alert anonymously now many antonin i'm alan swirling with the business rockstars minute step one change your work environment and he try working from a different blame the weather is nice ninth title decider means anything on sod will be a library sometimes simple change and scenery any refreshing in avenue near recover from renounce step to get an outside opinion sometimes are attending your problems lay out an outside influence weather randy counselor or a family member can be instrumental in helping you passion the former depth rain down the of the odd thing battling burnout as that everybody's difference over for somebody else my now working renew but the bottom line is down cannot be manageable productive life vailable to you from time and i'm alex early and mrs bannon business rockstars minute if you've fallen behind on your taxes you'll know that the irs is already coming for their money and they'll.

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