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Oh six nine and A. M. seven forty KCBS case CBS news time twelve twenty one to recap our breaking news this hour we are getting word into the case CBS news room that there have been evacuations at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park a Facebook spokesperson told us their valuations of several of their buildings at the willow campus this is in Menlo Park this is because of suspicious packages that were delivered to Facebook earlier today a spokesperson couldn't tell us how many people were affected but we are continuing to follow the story and gather more information we will bring you more information as soon as we get it so stay with KCBS in other news protesters in Hong Kong occupied the city's legislative building today spray painting slogans and hanging signs on the walls of the chambers this is part of a major ongoing demonstrations in the city as hundreds of thousands of taken to the streets demanding democracy for more on this we're joined on the KCBS ring central news line by Josh Walker lance sick senior fellow for the council on foreign relations thank you so much for taking a couple of moments to talk to us these protesters around the anniversary of the British returning control of Hong Kong back to China Hong Kong's independence from China has been a source of tension for a long time why are the tensions currently boiling over well actually the the unrest and anger swelled around a bill to actually allow people from Hong Kong to be ex or some people from Hong Kong people as in Hong Kong and passing it be extradited potentially the mainland China for crimes if they the anger started with that and now let's build into that sort of demonstration today related said handover anniversary and but that in the initial park was the extradition bell and these protests have been going on for several weeks we understand are they having any impact they definitely have an impact it rattled the government signed and they got the Hong Kong government you back down now on exhibition belt you seem to have rattled the mayor of the shipping back there I'm calling I don't know that they're going to you I'm I'm there's sort of a generalized pressure for more sort of freedom as well in Hong Kong and concern about China's role that I'm not sure what else they're going to get that man had impact all right do we expect these protests to abate anytime soon or to continue in the either we just in occurrence or maybe even increase in size or intensity well they actually were enormous protest related yes there's not much larger than what's going on now with millions of people walking the streets of Hong Kong this is got a lot of tension and violence the most other process the non violent I don't think you're gonna see an ops well up to the side that was a few weeks ago where millions of people were marching but I think that the police response the general I anger could be to counter response this is going to go on Broadway all right well we thank you so much for taking a few moments to talk to us that it's Josh Walker lentic senior fellow for the council on foreign relations if money watch time now in KCBS Joan Doniger joins us reason for Jason today at KCBS super micro Intel money desk Melissa trade both gives and pulls back at the same time the Dow is now up ninety eight points again the nasdaq seventy six the S. and P. nineteen investors had said chip shares and textures higher after president trump's decision to allow U. S. firms to sell high tech products to China's Wally technologies after all and said the US would hold off on imposing more terrorists but U. S. manufacturing slowed to a near three year low in June the institute for supply management says its index of national factory activity dropped to its lowest reading since October of twenty sixteen the gauges third straight monthly drop the I. S. M. said it had to do with a trade war in China it hurt business sentiment and the games turned to me make for a time but investors are now moving higher in this final hour of trading so a hotel where you really won't have to go out for Taco Bell the Taco Bell hotel and resort in palm springs says reservations went live June twenty seventh at ten in the morning.

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