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These scientists and physicians are helping to define the future of medicine. UW health remarkable badgers are trying to get things straightened out. They've dropped four of their last five. The big ten record has dropped to three and three. So what's the assignment on Saturday? Unbeaten and second ranked? Michigan wolverines off to a program. Best seven and start. That includes six in the big ten, and the fact is they have not really been tested all that severely throughout the vast majority of the season. They did have a one point win in early December against northwestern at Welsh Ryan arena, otherwise they are wedding by double digits on a regular basis and that included a twenty point or on Sunday night on the home floor in the return game against northwestern. A freshman is leading them. Iggy. Bras Dake is six seven out of Ontario, Canada, averaging better than fifteen points game. But the returning players they've all gotten better Charles Mathews, Jordan pool Xavier's Simpson. John pesky leads the team in rebounds at six and a half a game a formidable task, but who knows the badgers if they put it together they have proven they can play with the best and we'll have another chance on Saturday morning. Coverage starts at ten tip time eleven o'clock led more Monday. This is a on the badger. Sports network. Standing up for Milwaukee. This is the Mark Belling late afternoon show on news talk eleven thirty w I s and the March for life was held in Washington today and the women's marches tomorrow. Interesting that those things.

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