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The musketeers already huddled up around the savior coaching staff at baron, not a great half in terms of shooting the basketball Friday team, but very entertaining very hard fought in as you head predicted before the game started rebounds would be crucial Xavier being outscored on second chance points eleven zero eleven offensive rebounds for the Paul six for the musketeers is at the the water. They've got a turnoff turnoff that foster turn off those offensive rebounds. And they'll be in good shape. Absolutely. Joe? They I think a big development in the game. Was that hankins? He did a great job playing defense in the low post altering shots. Deterring shots and blocking shots. He gets to fouls in he sits for most of the half in eight minutes. He was really effective four points four defensive rebounds, three blocks acts in eight. Minutes though. I mean, that's a difference maker. He's gotta stay out of foul. Trouble early in the second half. Because I don't think the Paul gets eleven offensive rebounds hankins playing for most of that. I that Marshall has two thousands of secondhand started along with Zach hankins with two for depaul Devon cage with two and Paul read. With two thousand start the second half of musketeers will have the basketball. Once we get the second half underway. One last Ted better for the first half. Mark you were calling for self oughta take charge leader Besser plate it he filled that role in a tremendous fashion. The last minutes of the first day. He did Joe. He was outstanding. He he's the guy who stepped it up for his team and they needed needed him down. He needs to continue to do that in the second half by. Hey, I got sixteen in the first sixteen and a half. Do what I need to do in order to carry my team the victories abors lost five games in a row. They gotta play desperate. They've got to play with a great sense of urgency. And nauseous gotta be willing to accept that mantle. He's got a score the ball every time he gets it. Then so be it. That's what great players do a takeover with their team needs it when they are sputtering offense Nause Marshall. Who was the one shining musketeer in the first half in nineteen minutes. He goes for sixteen point four five from the free throw line, three rebounds, three assists. And but he's got to fouls. So he's gotta be careful early in this first couple minutes not to pick up his third. For all the four for the Mosca cheer. Go Jones in hankins. Good. Your Marshall and Paul stretch. I ball game of the season castle. Did not get the start. He had started all twenty three games. Paul scruggs. Your other musketeer to start all twenty three games. Now, Paul scratches left as only must tear to start every game this season. Save you're looking for the added hyphen side against the Paul starting lineup. Hankins the high post to Jones he turns and face defender spends up and under move laugh the glass rolls around. No good misses. The layup inside grade move by Jones he worked his way from the free throw line the right side all the way down to away, but it is rolled around the rim and fell off point blank shots around the basket pirates. Gotta do a better job finishing Paul looking to get the ball in the box. They do show com- hankins a kicks it right back outside again to read six nine hundred six nine plan to onto and the right side for depaul. But says the ball in the corner almost taken away by Scruggs five on the shot clock balls on the perimeter four on the shot clock redraws inside the paint and Paul struck it out of his hand for the turnover. The steel for the musketeers Scruggs penetrates free the line for Marshall fakes a three dribbles up for seventeen footer. It's an airball was short. Maybe couldn't believe how wide open. He was he left that about five feet. Short four feet lo- true. Strive to the baseline kicks outside Bush. Fires up a ten footer. No, good rebound. Ticket by Marshall left to the bucket for the musketeers. He brings it across the timeline quickly than slows down seven on the left side changes hands right side of the floor. Paul Scruggs top of the key to quit good drives through left. Elbow down to the baseline under the bucket reverse waves block picked out of the air by gauge gate quickly. Cross the time I penetrate inside of the free throw back out this. He fires the three in drains it that's his first three pointer the ball game. Two points in the first half. That's not a good sign for Xavier. Max Strouss can get heat heat it up in a hurry. Devin, gauge, averages four assists. The ballgame did a great job Russian dad down the to Paul leads by two thirty three to thirty one. Eighteen fifteen to play Marshall dries backs off the glass is he tumbles to the ground. He drove from the right elbow. The left block a little bit of a fadeaway on a four foot or kissed him off the glass, and we're tied at thirty three as a smart play by Nause, Joe when you are off-balance you. Use the backboard seventh. China ballgames spruce drives finger roll off we've taken by Paul scrubs. One man to beat changes directions gets to the rim plays it epidemic for Xavier lease thirty five to thirty three's play by Paul Scruggs dough when you have a defender in open court situation in he's backing up. You just make one heart move and go to the basket. And that's exactly what Paul scrubs did a drive by Kane. He leans in throws up a floater, but he knocks over Jones Jones air to take the charge a great defensive play by general just. Outside the no charge zone under the bucket. It'll be savers basketball. It's a two point lead for the musketeers at thirty five to thirty three smart play by tyreek Jones offensively. Tyreek does not have it. But defensively he with Johnny on the spot there. A good job took the hit drew the foul. Seventeen thirty to play trucks or make it quick. Good walks at across the time entry pass right side. The Niger Marshall top of the key to hankins rotate left side, the Paul Scruggs backout between the surface to good into the high post a hankins watching the cutters hands it off to quit good. He's open and Frank thanks about a three then loses at gauge was going to block his shot hit the four gauge with a steel right side of the four spruce strives. He's fouled by Jones in Jones, banks and the basketball stanchion crumples to the ground. Hopefully, he's okay. It can be dangerous on your back some time but Jones will pick up his second foul the ballgame. Got gotta get up here. I heard his right ankle Joe as he backed into the. To the support of the basket reached down and retired. His right shoe are these Santa game. That'd be the first foul is half on the musketeers to Paul also called for one foul so far seventeen ten to play in the second half thirty five for the musketeers thirty three for the depaul blue demons inbounding along the right baseline gauge frozen near the top of the key caught by they're six foot nine center slash forward. Read off to gauge backdoor cut by rate into the corner. Disproves he fires up at three point shot. No, good rebound. Taken by Jones slip through his hands at saved by knocked out of bounds. And is chased by musketeers, Paul Scruggs. He cannot get there in time. Apparently when read saved it deflected off must be tear the ball was rolling towards the right for the same was made along the baseline left to the bucket. The deflection off the musketeer forced Paul scrubs to chase it into the core. He can get there in time. So it be Paul's basketball that rebound should have been tyreek Jones slipped through his fingers got to secure that two hands can't get slapped out of your hands. So the Paul get the ball back with another chance of scoring tie. This thing up. Gauge at the top of the key pass to the point. The mattress to give it up to Kane. Truce in the corner, always searching for the three point shot. Back to the corner destroys drives into the paint running hook shot on the way. No, good rebound. Four taken by Hank has toppled to the ground Xavier has the numbers of a hurry right side of the Florida Marshall truce now just regaining his teammates to make it a five on five year balls rotator left side, the Paul Scruggs lob. Download a hankins the balls deflected package battling four along the baseline saves at good hustle by hankins describes fifteen on the shot clock balls rotate Marshall expense toppled to the ground the balls loose. Knock the floor in a rolls out of bounds. Who touched it last? The Paul Tessa last hippies. Xavier's basketball that'll be the case ten seconds ago on the shot clock while rolled out into the scores table just to the right of the Xavier coaching staff Xavier inbound the basketball on the right side line near the half court line as you said, they'll have just ten seconds to work with nausea Marshall with the basketball troubles towards the three point arc change has gives it up the fall Scruggs. He fires up a three nothing but net on shot. Joe that was a catastrophe jump shot went necessarily open. But I like Paul taken those kinds of shots. Joe? He needs to take kind of forced the issues a little bit offensively because he's more than capable of finishing Davor lease by five. And now they lead by three as Cain dribbled to the free throw.

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