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Back in March Congress passed the cares at it sent two hundred ninety billion dollars directly to Americans and it created a loan program for company struggling to meet payroll. It was sold as a lifeline for unemployed people and small businesses suffering from the pandemic but it also turned into a back door bailout for oil companies. Bloomberg News reported that three dozen large oil and gas companies made out with billions of dollars in government tax benefits corporates like marathon petroleum. An oil refiner worth nearly a hundred billion dollars. Marathon is at the front lines of attacking climate policy. The company is still funding climate denial groups and lobbying against any kind of federal action in January. A group of Democrats in the Senate asked marathons corporate shareholders to pressure the company on climate that included Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. But not even Senator. Whitehouse realized the extent of the bailout for companies like marathon until it was too late. I didn't know it existed until I saw the I report on it. By the time we actually got built text. We had half an hour before the vote. So in a decent world with coronavirus pandemic and an economy in freefall as people had to shelter in place you would have thought that the better angels of our nature would have come forward and we would have rallied around projects legislation programs that really helped people so under the premise of helping struggling. Americans out of Work Senate majority leader. Mcconnell helped push a tax provision giving one hundred thirty five billion dollars in tax benefits to the top one percent of tax payers plus a couple billion more dollars to oil companies that included four hundred and eleven million for Marathon Petroleum Mitch. Mcconnell thinks differently and he saw an angle knowing that nobody was going to get a good look at this and really did a huge good. GimMe to the oil and gas industry. Who was just dealing and the idea that he took this opportunity. Just shows.

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