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And i think he called it like a core tet or something and what he's basically saying is we are three guys but we sound like five guys or something some version of your coop whatever right nology and his funny i like that his has some sense of humor is false advertises yeah this doesn't make any sense like all the the wacky marketing terms that allowed come up with all the time they couldn't come up with the sports sedan something or other rich fifty seven pittsburgh yeah yeah you got a two thousand twelve jeep hey how you doing buddy what's going on goods say hi to matt hey what's up what's going on eighty five on time thank you to twelve jeep what it's a two thousand twelve jeep patriot i've had it for six about six years he's got currently eighty five thousand miles on it and i've had transmission problems with since i've owned it which is three thousand miles essentially the first owner right taking back total of six times and each time of course the dealer would say nothing wrong with it so the last time i took it back it's now six months out of warranty they're telling me that i need a new transmission and the manufacturer has really turned it back on me chrysler being that which is saying because this isn't the first time we've heard this story i think my dad had a dodge something or other in the transmission had issues and we've had other calls with people at transmission issues so you think that this is very unfortunate but you would think that you know fiat chrysler america the dodge jeep ram would would would have some sort of.

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