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Who travel back in time to help James Watt find his stolen steam engine plans. Be Sure to check that out on our website bedtime history stories, dot com. Now onto our episode imagine you're walking through an art gallery, the Walzer Tall and beautiful. It's an elegant place and they're tourists everywhere studying and looking at artwork as you turn the corner into a different room, the crowd grows very thick everyone crowding around trying to see one particular painting as you get close you see the painting they're looking at a portrait of a woman she sits facing you and smiles with a slight smirk that is both suspicious and mysterious. This episode is about one of the most famous paintings in the world. The Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is also sometimes known as La Jakoda which means the happy one in. Italian. The name of the painting is also a play on words or joke. The painting is of a woman named. Lisa del Chea, CONESA. The Mona. Lisa was painted during the sixteenth century by an Italian painter named Leonardo Davinci Leonardo lived in Florence Italy during the Renaissance Period in Europe the renaissance was a time when there was much interest in art and writing in Europe in the fourteenth through sixteenth centuries. Leonardo was born in Italy in fourteen fifty to his dad was a lawyer and his mom was a peasant woman. Leonardo studied art as a child with the famous Italian painter Andre. Adele Kyo. During the renaissance, it was common for men to learn many different arts and science skills. Leonardo studied hard with his painting teachers because this was a long time ago and Leonardo was not yet famous. There's not a lot known about his childhood. They're only reports that he was very curious and had a very inventive imagination inventive means someone who is creative and comes up with original inventions or ideas. Leonardo was interested in many different art forms including inventing and designing new technologies. This means developing new machines or Botox. Automated or easier to do. Leonardo imagined and then drew pictures of flying machines, armored fighting vehicles, solar-powered inventions, and an adding machine. At the time most of his designs were not actually built as real objects. It just wasn't possible yet. This was because modern science and engineering were only just starting to.

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