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Musketeers of the 64 leader in ST John's Redstone, 15 49 to play in the first half. Corby Jones having a good start for the Musketeers to a two from the floor, his own one from the free throw line. Absolutely. Two points pours a hearing Julian Sham Penny no surprise after a four point start forcing times. Yes. Xavier's the Cobi Jones and Nate Johnson been really, really Aggressive early this game. No Adam Uncles in right now we're for is a first time in the game. See if he can be aggressive as well. He didn't. He didn't score against Seton Hall either. Quit came down for the Musketeers. Freeman all missed a layup and Kobe Jones clean it up and put back Good save 84 15 40 to play first half Hoping Jones Johnny on the spot, got six points. Now for the Muskie's bringing a good look for it from the right point is up and good for great Williams and an answer for the Red Storm. It's seven Musketeers. 15 27 1st half No one was with him. 5 FT of Williams, Joe Mike. Every time we're gonna do that little names, Joe. Yeah, that works, William. She's 44% from three. You can't He's their best three point shooter. Can't leave him alone. Holy Joes in a baseline. All say that stone on a nice play by machine. Don't get into the air and then landed with the ball out of bounds. He was picked it off the air. Turned it around. Yeah, I don't like jumping in the air on the baseline passed ball. You don't wanna do that. The defense anticipate you're just dead and water. Uncle Wayne passed for the Musketeers quickly cycles all the way around to him in the left corner of the West point. Drivin floating inside one, Oldham gets a shot to go. 10 7 Musketeers 40 65% just like 121. Autumn has the ball in the stands. He's He's a connector. He drives he's looking to get his Is, uh, teammates involved. It seems to make the right decision. Cesium or forced into the air shot partially blocked there by Freeman and picked up a game by Toby Jones just dribbles into traffic Now pound up top for Freeman enhancer for Cocoa. But about a long, three were driven to the free throw line, trying to dump a load of Carter in traffic car, even a weave his way around. Get a quick shot to go from the sooner the lane 12 7 Musketeers. 14 23 1st half smart play by Jason Carter there, pump fake letter by fly by and finished corner. Three. Take strong, therefore die wuss ooh and rebound down for ST John's eyes. They have more picked up that That air ball was their balls are the hardest ones to rebound cause you expect him to come off the ramp and they don't And that time I say, um or just was in a perfect position. That shot ended up being the past. As a result, Fremantle picked up the foul Freeman a second foul of the game, 34 Musketeers. It was one thing that could still talk about us well for sex free milk to keep him out of foul trouble. He's much, much too valuable to be on the bench. But this is a pretty He's got to balance that with being aggressive, being physical. Woman even back on one of the most came up with a steal. It's turned around by machine gun lay up lift block is too strong, and it came down with the rebound, sizing and mourn again. He will pick up contacts. This time. It's gonna go against Paul Scruggs for the Musketeers. That times they didn't have the defensive rotation because Brian Griffin came over to block the shot. And it was his man who got the rebound. So Xavier's got to do a better job gang rebounding, Especially off penetration. Second found for Scruggs forth for the Musketeers 14 05 to play first half 12 7 Xavier got you got scrubs and Freeman of both with two fouls. Don't for Saint John. From the free throw. I left that short rebound, often running with Juan older Roman over for Jones and that check out a race from behind. It's a big time elevation from museum or he's already up there. Like you don't have to jump because I say a 6 ft. 10. It is all arms and legs started tonight with Blacks Musketeers trying to inbound Johnson leaves it up in your mid court on the right side. For Jason Carter. Quickly. He's back for Dwyane Modem working against Looks like a match up zone here. 23 on the left wing. Exit up time for Kunkle with left point, we again for Carter. Works off the screen quarter to the right, Blackie get it to go on a rebound off full state jobs in Arlington quickly down in Florida for Isaiah more more, having a big spurt here in the first half, he saw that coming from half court. He kind of stared him down. He's slipped behind the defense. Frank Griffin into the ball game for the most continues at the top of the key leaves it off to the point here for Carter. Right point for autumn. Don't sit inside for Griffin past got away from him picked off by posh Alexander on the break inside on a trailing layup. Marcellus early, Ethan. It's the lay up to go. It's 12 11 Musketeers, 12 57 to play here in the first half any time out on the floor. Take your.

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