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Biela tries the position he tries to pd dida irwin has just didn't putting off steam on it and it took too long to get there and all this all of irwin's options as a defenseman i wanted that quick giddy over to me so all my options are open no option there and ends up being nicer little losers the face off to kyle tourists in the nashville zone irwin behind their predator goal pursued by healers he simply skates outright side pass banked off the sideboard shipped in by craig smith and now back that is tyler myers lost the puck momentarily there to return and now echoing what the try that his glove down against the chest baikonour halibut big tyler myers going behind the net expecting a big hit from kevin pialat theologist took the puck from him you know it works it works a few times and then eventually guy like myers says all right i'm just gonna i'm gonna make a play here and not worry about getting hit looked like he was bracing for the nice play the picket ticket and create a shot on net lowry against joel hanson to the right of lowers goal gender jon hansen set book is played back barack obama echo comes on that shot took off high around some traffic morrissey back cans the puck seeing that echo comes over left port echo stops turns johannesen or bounced away from johnson behind the net and the puck is pushed up the left wing side the cop cop crosses the nashville line directed in low now lowry out of the corner left side against dot com lowry falls down got himself back up puck slid over and joe hanson is able to take it out hanson curls back in the center circle gives the puck back in the nashville zone the alcohol now's the predators getting a partial line you're austin watson is out shoe band starts the puck upright side goes to austin watson brings it in the.

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