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Filling in for Paul at brayden gall on Twitter if you want to get to me there. 855-242-7285 if you want to get into the phone lines. Chris slowe coming up in just a few minutes, of course. Listen, that's embedded thing is fascinating to me because I think he just got largely disrespected. Again, I will hold myself accountable and say I was guilty of that asking about JT Daniels for the better part of a year and a half. Now let's be very clear. If we are ranking quarterbacks in the SEC, which I don't like to do on radio because ranking stuff is kind of silly. But if you are ranking quarterbacks in the SEC, stetson Bennett is not one of the best quarterbacks in the SEC. He's not one of the best quarterbacks in the country because then you're talking about talent. And you're talking about statistical production and you're talking about all the different things that goes into playing that position. So here's the thing. This is where two things have to be true at the same time. Two things can be true. And yes, I have faith in all of you that you can keep two things in your mind at the same time. That stetson Bennett won the national championship was a worthy winner of the national championship, earned the ring that he won with the Georgia bulldogs. And was an excellent player for them. And also, at the same time, is not one of the best three or four quarterbacks in the SEC this year. Is that fair to say? I don't think that's unfair. Bryce young is the best quarterback in the SEC in my opinion. Oh, crazy, hot take, right? Two through four to me are pretty even. I'm okay arguing whoever you want to argue. KJ Jefferson at Arkansas hinden hooker and Will Rogers. No surprise hooker and Jefferson will be in Atlanta at SEC media days representing their universities. A little surprise Will Rogers will not be for Mississippi state. He's played a lot of games. I would put those three guys at two three and four in some order. However you want to order them, that would be two through four in the conference. Then at 5, you could discuss a lot of different players. Anthony Richardson at Florida will levis a Kentucky our top ten caliber draft picks as projected right now by the experts. Are they better a quarterbacks than sets in Bennett? Certainly not from an accomplishment standpoint or from an experience standpoint. But if you put those two guys in Georgia's roster as their offense a little bit better, maybe. So I think you could argue Richardson and leave a set at 5 and 6. All right, well, where to stetson Bennett, you can't knock stetson Bennett down to 7th in the conference, can you? I think stetson Bennett could be national championship caliber good on that particular Georgia team and also still be the 6th, 7th or 8th best quarterback in the league. I don't think I don't think that's that crazy of a statement. And that doesn't include a whole lot of really talented players that we haven't even brought into this conversation in this league. Who wins the job at a and M, I bet you was going to be a really talented player. No matter who it is, you know, Haines king, max Johnson, Connor Weidman, you name it. Who's going to win the job at LSU, Jayden Daniels, Garrett nussmeier. Miles Brennan, like, pretty talented guy there. The old miss Jackson dart pretty talented transfer from USC. Spencer Rattler was a FrontRunner when the Heisman just last season. This is one of the best collections of quarterbacks. I have ever seen at this stage heading into an SEC football season. Now, I guess you'd have to point back to, was it 2013? We're good friend Aaron Murray was there. I want to say Johnny manziel dak Prescott. I think Zach mettenberger was at LSU. I want to say it was James Franklin, the player, not the coach at Missouri, right? So that 2013 season, I'm sure I'm missing some guys here, but that 2013 year was a pretty exceptional year for quarterback play in the SEC. And frankly, part of the reason the conference struggled after that was bad coaching and a lack of talent the quarterback position. That has all changed. The coaching now in this league off the charts. The quarterback play in this league coming into this year off the charts. So I think this stetson Bennett conversation is, I don't know why it's still a thing that we talk about. And maybe I'm the one who's guilty about it because I'm the one talking about it right now. But maybe I just don't think it's disrespectful to call him the 5th or 6th best quarterback in the SEC. But I also think he deserves credit for winning a national championship and making big plays all season long when he needed to. 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5 JK and Birmingham. JK, what's up, man? What's going on, buddy? What's up dude? Hey man, let me address pat I'm gonna call him a so called George a fan. This guy waited almost 800 and 41 years before George and won another national championship and he wants to dog out his quarterback that actually won a national championship. What happened to all the quarterbacks that he was fond of since the years of Herschel Walker and the championship? I mean, that's just to me that's totally disrespect. And pat ought to be ashamed of himself and just congratulate the young man and hope he does the same thing this year. But what I called about is I'm a Miami hurricane fan calling the fine bomb show. Here in SEC country. I want to get your opinion on the top end where my hurricanes are going to finish. And the worst scenario where they got to finish this year because I'm looking for a play out run. Oh, I like thank you, JK for the call. I love this. I love where this Miami team is going. I do not know if 2022 is the year where they get there. But I think they can win the division. I think Tyler Van Dyck, and we're going to learn a lot about Miami in week number three against Texas a and M on the road in College Station. That is such an underrated non conference game. That is a preseason top ten a and M team and a preseason top 20 Miami team, two huge brands. Mario Cristobal just crushing it on recruiting trail right now in South Florida. The name image and likeness stuff for Miami's in full effect, they are absolutely reinvesting in college football. Unlike Miami has done in years, it is fun to see the you looking like the you at least the beginning stages of it. So Miami at a and M is going to show us a lot about how good both of those two teams are. And I don't think many people are talking about that game. Tyler Van Dyke, very, very good. I think the upside is ten wins. And you win the division and you compete for an ACC championship. I think that's upside. I'm not willing to say playoff yet is the upside. The downside is you have a tough schedule, a lot of teams in the ACC are better than you think. Florida state's better teams in your division are better in the coastal. You lose to a and M and the non conference, all of a sudden you're 8 and 7, 8 wins. And you've had a solid season, but it's not big time. That to me is the window for Miami. 7 wins up to about ten wins. That would be the window for Miami. I think there are preseason top 20 team. I think they should win the division and compete for an AC championship. That's how much I think of Cristobal and that's how much I think of Tyler Van Dyke. More of your phone calls 855-242-7285 brayden Gaul in for Paul here on the Paul fine bomb show. Get your calls lined up. We'll take some calls and then we'll talk with Chris Lowe as well from ESPN. This is the ball fine bomb show on ESPN radio. You are listening to the Paul fine bomb show podcast. Fine bomb show Braden call in for Paul at brain goal on Twitter 855-242-7285

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