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Fact, be one of the 1st 1000 callers today Just pay 4 95 for shipping, which is 100% refundable impurities going to rush you out a complimentary bottle of green tea cr formula for you to put to the test. You try it you be the judge. Purity knows that once you experience the benefits of green tea, CR You're not going to want to miss a day of taking it. That's why they're willing to send you a free bottle today. So call right now Operators are standing by 1 804 99 7505 again. That's 1 804 997505 Call now. 1 804 9975. 05 okay. Chris talked about some of the headlines just on the green tea that we didn't get to yet. I understand that Dieter's just love green tea because it supports healthy fat metabolism. And what does the research say about green tea when it comes to weight management? Well, this is one of the especially wonderful things about Green tea, Pat. We know that green tea has thermo genic properties that is, it has heat generating properties in the body. So it actually causes your Body to burn more calories. So when you eat a meal, you're going to burn more calories from that meal as a result of taking a good well made concentrated green tea extract. In addition, it has specific fat oxidation properties. It actually burns fat. I'm not suggesting that you're going to lose £20 in a week. But I am saying that this is going to help your body to metabolize fat more efficiently over time. Taking green tea extract can help you to have a better facto lean muscle ratio. So from a weight control standpoint, this is very good news. Additionally, Green tea helps to stabilize Blood glucose or blood, sugar and unstable blood. Sugar is one of the contributing factors to increased weight. So by stabilizing blood sugar, you have an effect on weight control and weight management. So it's really quite remarkable stuff. You need enough of it. We've got enough of it in green tea, CR. It has to be the right extract. We've got the right extract. But the science is there for healthy weight management right now, Chris. You say that with purity is formula it provides With about three cups worth of green tea and each to capsule serving of these cutting edge liquid soft gel. So you had all of the green teas concentrated benefits for energy for heart health for alertness in just two soft gel caps. Plus you get the curcumin and the resveratrol too. So it's easy. You call it your daily shortcut to better health. Explain this idea of a healthy shortcut and explain some of the top benefits as well. Well, I mean, you could, for example, drink three cups of good concentrated Green tea each day. Eat at least one really rich curry made with a lot of tumeric route and drink a couple of glasses of red wine. You could do that Most people will not do that every day, but they still might want the benefits of three of the biggest superstar protective health enhancing nutrients on the entire planet. So when I call this the daily shortcut, I'm simply saying that you can get in a good liquid soft gelatin capsule. You'd otherwise have to get by drinking a few cups of tea, eating at least one large tumeric laden curry everyday and drinking a couple of glasses of concentrated red wine again. We're talking with Chris Kill him the medicine hunter. Now in this new green tea CR formula from purity. It's really about the research share with us some of your favorite studies in the headlines on the curcumin that we didn't get to yet I know this is one of your favorite ingredients for joint comfort and even for brain health. Well, I especially like The liver, protective, heart, protective and joint modifying properties of this stuff. The liver is our greatest detoxifying organ And we know that we're constantly bombarded by toxins in the environment. So we need a functioning super healthy, very strong liver and we know that curcumin Protects the liver a detoxified deliver. It keeps its strong From a cardiac standpoint, it's highly beneficial for the heart. It's very good for maintaining healthy cholesterol and healthy platelet levels. And from a joint standpoint, we have innumerable studies showing overall improvement in joint health and relief and stable inflammatory activity. Better joint mobility as a result of taking curcumin. I like the brain protective studies as well. I think everybody wants a sharper, clearer mind and curcumin delivers all this. So I regarded as one of the single most important things that you can put in your body and I'm very well aware. Pat. But most people are not going to eat enough raw tumeric route to get the benefits that they should and that they can get from a concentrated curcumin extract. Chris I don't want to get too technical here. But these anti oxidants in green tea or classified is Polly females, and there really are super powerful and well respected by scientists. But in this green tea CR formula, there's more. It's got two green tea. It's got the curcumin the risk Vera troll that we talked about, plus grape seed extract, pine bark, bio flavanoids, vitamin C. Can you talk to me about this array of really super antioxidants and Polly Fi knows that you've put in the formula, Okay, we really, really developed an efficient comprehensive program here. Grape seed extract and pine bark extract. Both contain a Group of highly specialized antioxidant compounds that not only do much of what I've already described, but also enhance the physical integrity of tissue in the blood vessels in the skin, So we put those in there for extra boost in antioxidant activity. Additionally, Bio flavanoids and hands. The overall activity of vitamin C and vitamin C itself is one of the most important nutrients that we can possibly take in. So I would say that we were very, very thorough. When we went through what could be in this product. We said. You know what would happen if we put in great seed extract pine bark extract bio flavanoids and vitamin C. We realized that we would have an utterly superior formula and just to reiterate Pat, I want people to experience dynamic health and this formula. The green tea CR will make you feel great. And that's the purpose of it. Chris, I love this green tea CR combination for million. Remember the C R. Stands for curcumin and resveratrol. What kind of results can people expect to see? What could they expect to feel? Once they start taking this formula? I think that People will feel greater joint mobility and comfort. I think they'll feel more energy because these ingredients also help to stabilize and maintain natural, healthy blood sugar control..

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