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He's struggling last year i felt like you know fun tanno you're actually little bit worse than we were last year we were decent atlanta we were decent las vegas thought we were pretty good at texas you know it's just about minimize and mistakes right now for us i think we've had a bad start to the year mistakes wise and i think that's kind of what has made us kind of feel like hey we're way behind you know i think if we can get more consistent we might not feel as far behind but you know we're still trying to get our marlon house better i think that's you know where this company was kind of set the mark on as far as when they started bill and building mile and a half racetracks jack one so many of them and we'd like to get him back to victory lane and one of the moment or race smart driver lips for leading the field at talladega superspeedway with big names behind ricky stenhouse junior in that possession he will cross the line and win put good co five hundred again little stretch of tracks for you and that includes talladega coming up it's going to be the one year anniversary of your first cup series win and that infants story of your dad climbing the fence any any thoughts that you guys might go back there and just think about everything that went down it's always nice i love going back to racetracks we've one at and trying to defend your win is something that that you feel good about doing and anytime go to tell a digger we're pretty confident and we showed that we had really good speed at daytona still even with the rules changes that that we've had for the speedway so yeah we'll we'll be ready to have some fun and hopefully see victory any speaking of restrictor plate racing.

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