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The. Second World that might taught about was the causal realm as the name implied it was the dark opposite of the real world, a supernatural place where the laws of science were meaningless and sinister chaotic forces ruled. An. Practitioners goal was to become president in this a causal realm in order to harness its energy according to my it the a causal plane could then be used to effect change in the real world. This is where magic and sorcery came into play. A literature stated that there were three kinds of magic. The first external magic is what most people think of when they envisioned sorcery. It requires ceremonial rituals done by groups of magicians and include spells for specific purposes. The second form of magic was an internal version of the first, which could be performed alone or with one other practitioner as religious studies. Professor Connell Monette stated this form focused on the transformation of the sorcerer from something human to something alien. In other words, it allowed the practitioner to attain the Nichii an Uber, Manche ideal of self mastery and godlike wisdom and to become possessed by non-human for says. The final form of Owen, a magic called jahic magic attempted to use sorcery to create social change. This was a demonic version of societal disruption and transformation much like what the Nazis attempted, but with the addition of magic rituals, supposedly only the highest ranking members of the order were powerful enough practice this. Might combining magic with real world actions such as terrorism, assault, and political provocation. The ONA sought to disrupt society from within lay believe that this guerilla form of warfare would be much more difficult to stamp out. To that end beginner adherents were encouraged to commit crimes and wreak havoc as for Owen as advanced practitioners. They were busy trying to use dark magic to unleash the a causal realms sinister forces. It was this task that largely occupied David Miot he worked hard to develop a specific system to teach adherents how to harness the console realms power to bring about change in the natural world. My it called this method, the sevenfold sinister way. Owen a members at the first level were called neophytes. This stage was mostly about reading group materials and learning about the basics of Owen beliefs and practice. The second Owen a level was the stage of the initiate in addition to studying magic initiates were also required to complete a demanding physical task. One option involved walking thirty two miles in hilly terrain in less than seven hours. Lastly, in this year, it's required, find a partner, introduce them to the dark arts and then complete sexual rituals with them according to own a literature. The purpose of this stage was to awaken the darker sinister aspects of the psyche to increase a person's capacity for evil. The next level on the win a hierarchy involved becoming an external adept. At this point, the practitioner had to create a local chapter which the Owen a called a next John to recruit new members. In order to be considered legitimate, the external adept news after had to remain active for at least six months. In this time, they were required to perform regular rituals one of which was called the ceremony of recalling details about the specific gathering were written down in an Owen, a text known as the grim war of bath met. In the Early Fourteenth Century, the Knights Templar were accused of worshiping Batum at a dark. God. who was frequently depicted as a goat headed creature and thought to symbolize Satan. The Owen a however taught bathroom. It was a goddess both the mother and bride of Satan they described her as a violent entity to whom human sacrifices should be made. However in order to make a bloody offering, Tabatha Matt Owen a members I needed to summon the goddess into the every day causal realm. The best way they could do this was by performing the ceremony of the recalling. If, you were an a practitioner attending this ritual. It would be an experience you would never forget. You're standing at a small group of your brothers and sisters and a large wooded area. There are torches all around their light making up for the fating. Day. Ahead you can see a series of carefully placed stones. Wonder. At the significance of their strategic placement, you see people walking through the woods towards you and your brethren. Immediately that the first person is the Guardian. He wears the characteristic black robe of the role with a white mask covering his face in his ceremonial white robe the priest follows obediently behind him. The priestess rounds out the procession. She has on a red robe with a white sash across the middle. Suddenly she speeds up and you notice she has a blindfold in her hand as you watch the priestess carefully play-set around the priests is. With his vision restricted the priestess leads him to each congregation member for the ceremonial kiss. When it's your turn, you lean forward and peck the priest on each cheek noting how cold his skin is despite the warm evening error. Then you watch as the priestess leads the Priest into the circle of stones where the master and mistress of the temple are waiting. On being beckoned you and the rest of the Tannock congregation follow. You all slow down at the site of a large wooden altar. It sits at the head of the circle line by rows of red candles you watch as the black robed master moves to stand in front of the priest you're moved as you listened him chant several magical words repeating each invocation three times. At the conclusion of these incantations you in the congregation step forward to surround the blindfolded priest. Then you all walk slowly counterclockwise intoning the Latin words of the Diablo loose a black mass ritual chant..

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