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What's stopping you. Go taiwan on get a little loose. Let's get loosened. Twenty-one guys let's have a little bit lebron rotation drugs wishes. He could do that well. He said because they can't they wouldn't let them have the parade in la he wanted have the drunken parade. Moment is what he said and move to a free state. Lebron you throw the line is gavin newsom going to arrest you for getting drunk on a parade float. Let's do it really disappointed in like the millionaires in the Stuff like that not standing up to these tyrants. I thought they controlled the country. He could at least taiwan at a taco bar those tacos. Let's have some margaritas guys y- because he can't take came by deadspin up before we let go you gotta. You had a blog last night. That made me laugh out. Loud factor reminded me a turtle. Boy this of thing turtle boy does or used to do before he you know we got serious. Serious is ripe former new england patriot. Ryan mallett is going through a pretty nasty avid seen. This i recommend a kick or go to joke. Kinsey and He blogs about it. I couldn't stop looking at the pictures not joining his ex. Wife's onlyfans club. But i think. I think a lot of people are so ryan mallett always seemed like kind of a meat head. That was confirmed when he married. This chick was a turn the lockdown. It was jerry like so in two thousand nineteen or you know. They're dating one thing. He's another enduring cova. they get married. They start building a house. Jerry and then they're like you know what is good is. Let's get married while during covid. Were together all the time that'll be genius. Move so ryan. Mallett gets married in june. He's divorced by october. By december the new soon to be ex wife is claiming that mallets cheating. There's drama there's all these prompt four months four months ryan mounts married to this woman now. She wants her prenuptial money. he's in bad shape. So he's now he's fight each. He's even fighting over the dogs. These are fighting over the golden doodle in the relationship. Well you like when i am on on. You're looking at the pictures right now. It's like that should be a red flag immediately. Any woman who's on social media constantly taking selfies. That doesn't appear to be herself like. That's fine a chick you wanna fi. Because that's a chick who who's going to be constantly looking for attention and fame and use you for it and that's shockingly. It didn't work out but not the sharpest tool in the shed. It's isn't she joe. Isn't she making more money than he is with his fans. I'm jerry at thirty dollars. A pop she's got like fifteen seventeen hundred followers. Start using that you would after you've done. That number went way up because you laid out all the pictures. She dresses like a playboy bunny in one. She's almost naked. I mean that's work done clearly. She's she's gonna make some real money in you know in the move. What a move for her. She's the one. Drop all these hints of out. Do a story. It could be her played. Get out a onlyfans memberships. Why malley you couldn't do better than a wash. The guy who looks like he's like look sickly in that picture while she's from arkansas. Arkansas as arkansas. He's the he's like. He's like the president of arkansas at thirty two years. Old so to jerry. I looked at up reporting. Did you sign up her onlyfans order. I i need to get a separate. Won't accept pay pal. I'm i'm married. i'm married man. Journalism like turtaboi knows this is all about the journalism got. You got to study this stuff. But here's here's the theme of the davis story of the day. And i've said this many many times what what makes trump brady. Tom brady more than anything is good judgment e smart slot in any does the right things. He always does the right thing whether it's getting drunk at a parade and making sure he doesn't drive and then often about it tweeden them just always does the right thing and then you have ryan mallet. His former teammate. Who by the way is probably more talented or as talented brady terms of arm strength and athletic ability. You have this more on ryan mallett. Who's flamed out already. How many cases eon free four flames out. And then he marries a what would you call her. An internet mile only fan stars. What i call them. Nowadays he marries an only fan star probably just because he had a full head of steam. He was aroused that he said. Let's get married marries her now she's trying to take him. What little many has left. Jerry never these. These guys never marry the stripper. What are you thinking or and not even just the stripper like any chick. Who's on there. That seems so self absorbed like looking at her pictures. It's just constant selfish that constantly about her constantly. But that a chick like that is only going to be thinking about herself and how she can use you to elevate herself which she clearly did effectively. Well you ask yourself. Would she be interested in me if i weren't you know mr arkansas or a president. Yeah which she if he were driving a truck. Which you care about you ryan. I'm just going to Make guests in say not at all and you'd be one of those onlyfans guys at home with his hand handout. His pants spending the thirty dollars. How much is it already dollars. Thirty bucks was when she. She must have known that the story is out there about her divorce and she striking while she. She's striking while it's hot. Do you know how many clicks you get on your on your stories on your various stories. We we can see that. Now how many is this gonna get because of already clicked on it like six times. This is probably half a million. Yeah yeah get on this. You know we. We need a new england. Perspective is definitely sells. I mean this is good stuff. What's her name tiffany. Sealy tiffany's lovely lady. Tiffany about former patriot quarterback ryan mallett. And how he's doing. Now you can get on out kick and read our joe kenzees take on this which includes smartly lots and lots of pictures of tiffany and just this ryan mallett just stayed in shape and showed up to work on time and did his did his work did is lifting is throwing study mystic. He could be in backup quarterback in the nfl. See the backup in washington tyler. taylor whatever's ski hinky heineke heineke just sent signed for two years. Nine million bucks got the mash walton. Matt wall steel all. You need games that they remember as a backup. And then the pay out quarterbacks. Four million a year and ryan mallett doesn't have enough money to pay off his Matt ryan mallett. Lost a quarterback competition to brian. Hoyer like four years ago on hard knocks in hamster. That's ryan mallett okay. He's brian hoyer backup. you can read about mark cuban and you can read about ryan mallett and you could see pictures of the lovely. Whatever name is a former former. Tiffany mallet on at outkick. Joe kinsey got that all for you. we appreciate it. We'll do it again sometime. Face guys enemy eternal boy. Nice to meet you jauregui. We'll see if that is joe. Kinsey from out kick and Guy i follow me on twitter while back and we start your i read. I read this. And i said this is very turtle boy ish or you got your lobotomy. And you really you know. See that gary. That's what's called professional networking right there. Thanks to the power of social media. I would never met you throughout twitter. I would never met joe kinsey. Throughout twitter twi platform access should be a civil rights because people have not only. Are you prohibiting speech..

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