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So here at cobo at their peak there are also in a boat so far neither still waiting for a strategy out walk aitken bit edgy they take come at any time you up eight currently colder straight before we have happened um and so they could get your kitchen hey mr usual dear trading afghan keeps a close picked up a counterterrorist mission thing that both uh uh i did glow as a long extinct targets here uh in the meantime uh what they're hope de uh is that the threat of jr will not so much change their broader mission here which focused most young hiring you help enough kim's um but will simply uh allow them to do a better job a cut mission uh general mattis says we're not winning missile flown i said this morning the taliban now holds more territory in afghanistan that at any time since nine eleven the fall of two thousand one when the us windy in what is the the state of the conflict right now refused to way back josh is the us losing are the is the afghan government losing ground is taliban why would think stand i can't live or on the stage area coalition light declared kaunda itchy over here capturing a scary have important have certainly struggled to eighty thousand a territory that had iggy uh by the by the surgery are upset were structure presidental bomb ongoing so for a couple of years of the taliban have certainly be uh on the offensive in most cases and according to of unique yes set the the us butch otter out.

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