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Joe and they got like a june twelfth fight. Let me see what we got on. That's crazy yang right right. Does floyd dominate. He better he. Y'all but the thing is that my man is big man like what's the wait. What's the wait man. I mean did you say something about it. Darn last weekend show with is a weight that floyd will not pass in. Well we're not note. Different weights those rumors. This is being announced now. And i'm not seeing any any talk of the way you know not yet. Salvador rodriguez columnists on espn deportes is also reported on it. But i see nothing On the weight all we know is that this is going to be a mayweather promotions event. It'll happen in hard rock. It's also The digital sponsor is family auto showtime will team up to give you this epic event. And that's gonna be you know he he. He's uses showtime the distributor pay per view and family. Oh to distribute the paper view. Yeah was gonna be showtime. Because i i heard something about Cbs which is showtime redoing things right because the whole network things are changing but real quick. Let's hold that thought about weight. Low key for five dollars. His super chat. This is a sign of a decline of an empire where overindulgent emperors would face aging and entered warriors. This is the beginning of the end disagree with him. I'm gonna say this is the beginning of this era. Yes a new era will get. The old ever has ended. So if you did then you have this. The era of exhibition pay per view. You know what i'm saying like you ain't got to buy like just like anderson silva and other do about the file you ain't got about a then. There's someone else going fi to like. Isn't it Julio chavez junior camacho sons is at paypal you is magical. He what i thought. Oh man that's what i'm saying is so many so many they gotta get your attention right now man and you know. What are they doing to get your attention. Probably watch like gaza delivers king kong. Man i couldn't sit rescue that. Oh i definitely watched it. And it wasn't good man. I don't know why people was acting like you had to watch that shit. I didn't even get into that. But that is what exhibition matches all right. Now you know first of all congress thousand kong out work like he got what book even with a weapon. He got booked though there was no wake. No catchweight. maybe that's why he got. What brown vaseline e bodied them. He bodied them. And the only reason they was fly afterwards is because after godzilla body con he went took on the metal godzilla fucking. I'm gonna keep so. They don't want sorting. They became friends. 'cause kong he was basically instructed by his human girlfriend. Go help out. So he helped godzilla if not godzilla within his body in them to watch that man Anyway back to boxing your man. The era has changed. There is still professional boxing. Hence canelo fight in and dominate in getting every belt. You know. Tyson fury negotiations. Who else is out there. -til female given a Gamaa rather This weekend now that that there's a lot going on in real boxing. But it shows for you to be entertained. Have you heard a family before. Now when you said family. I thought it was that movie theater ticket place I will is that what it is. I don't know you said it is it is it called fomulas. Physio famille i mean is on. Let me see. I'm gonna put thumbnail along. Actually i got the spelling hand article. It is a f- a an am i. Oh fabio fazio oh dot com a whole new way to meet your heroes. Oh so it's like one of those is family where you like you like sign up and get someone to be like yo yo man. Happy birthday years. That sounds right. Sounds right down so let me screenshots a website day already. Piped it out they ready. You can order right here on family. You know what i'm saying. They got a big mayweather and logan. Paul poster is going down special exhibition. Mayweather vs logan paul. He may whether he that's how popular yours. He dropped the whole first name. My man he liked. Not you gotta use your. You gotta use a i in y'all so let me ask you a question because you the guy with the numbers right you. You like to instagram number guy. With and you compare who. I more followers logan. Paul mayweather mayweather mayweather. Mayweather got like twenty five. Jesus on i. G. in lonely five million me an and logan guy a twenty one last time i chairman. Let's see if he if he jumped up on. Should we have twenty eight thumbs up. Because i twenty nine just hit twenty eight to logan guy. Logan got nineteen. Let's see he posted it and he got three thousand three hundred and thirteen thousand by the become up on three hundred. Fourteen thousand likes on the post and Mayweather he's got.

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