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The afp podcast is supported by the american academy of family physicians supporting more than one hundred twenty nine thousand family physicians worldwide membership information available at afp dot org slash membership and by the journal left pm providing practical peerreviewed advice to help primarycare physicians advance their practice patient care and career available in print and online subscription information available at afp dot org slash f pm ubuntu welcome to the american family physician podcast for the february 15th twenty 18 issue i'm steve i'm still i'm joanna and michelle we are residents in faculty mostly residents from the university of arizona college of medicine phoenix family medicine residency this time on the podcast we're going to talk about acute migraine treatment diabetes education vitamin d light therapy for cognitive impairment urinary tract infection and kids and oxygen for my cardio infarction the opinions expressed in the podcast our own into not represent the opinions of the american academy of family physicians the editor of american family physicians or banner health did not use this podcast for medical advice instead see our own family doctor medical care yeah yes.

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