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But I would not I would not say that there was one single woman who has the most important or one single man who so who are some of your favorites who are women that do back then that that you would you would like to be able to have lunch with. I have to I have to tell you that that I am the director of the Mathilde also Dade fo- days. And and I have been stocking that woman for most by dealt was gone into the woods of movement in information. But she's really interesting because she was equally important in the national woman suffrage association with Stanton and Anthony the three lizard came Sandton, Susan B, Anthony, Mathilde Jocelyn gays were considered the triumph of leadership gauge was adopted on rarely into the wolf clan of the mohawk nation now grew ever knew that was a suffer. Just with also, you know that closely connected with native people. She also was the if you wanna know why we have offers the wizard of Oz. She was the mother-in-law Villefranche femme and said on those stories that you tell you. Your sons and he listened to his mother-in-law and wrote the wizard of Oz. She ends up being written out of history because she went up against the conservative religious fundamentalists who wanted to God him the constitution and Jesus Christ as the head of the government and destroy the wall of rayson, church and state. And that became very unpopular in the suffrage movement as the movement became more conservative, and she was not part of it anymore. She dropped out and she really gets written outta history. So she's one another one is Marianne, shed Kerry. I would love to have lunch with that woman. She was the first African American to edit a newspaper weekly newspaper in the North American continent. She became a recruiter of African American soldiers during the civil war. She went onto. She was a teacher. She was a journalist. She went on to law school. And she was part of the national woman. Suffrage was the wow. These are the women. These are the stories we need to hear because I honestly I've never heard that name before I learned of Victoria Woodhall who was the first woman to run for president. And I learned about her. You know, how how she teamed up with Frederick Douglass. Right. He was her her VP running mate. Yes. No. Can I just please tell you little? What is the realization ahead? You know, my consciousness all of our consciousnesses Cape raising as we learn more from the movement and one connection I had not made before the toil Woodhall actually known since her candidacy, but she doesn't really carry on a campaign. She sends election night in jail, and you know, why for exposing to hash paid me two incidents. Wow. In her new safer. One of them is the most famous minister in America, who's using his position to co worse. His parisioners is see Mel prisoners, and the others to Wall Street operatives who the toy would haunt her sister at a party watch these two men get a a sixteen year old girl systematically drunk and then. Sexually violent. So me too is not new. No, no, apparently, not just repackaged. I guess every few years, right? So what what what what how much of we? How far have we come in the hundred years since since winning the right to vote, and I asked this specifically because I notice that we still got a long way to go that in two thousand nineteen almost one hundred years after women won the right to vote. We still don't have an equal rights amendment. No. And we are not signed onto seat all the United Nations declaration of women's right?.

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