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Jerry V., Jerry Valen discussed on WBT's Morning News with Bo Thompson


Jerry Valen court Jerry V. as the show was called had a chance to talk to him about the legacy and career of Kobe Bryant he of course work for the Hornets during that time Kobe was drafted by the Hornets and then almost immediately traded to the LA Lakers book to the Hornets during those years played the Lakers a lot obviously and Jerry had a a front row seat many times at court side observing Kobe Bryant and how he operated and had a chance to interview Kobe several times I had four distinct sounds with him two of them had nothing to do with game related like a scouting report what are the keys for the game there was one particular time that stands out and Kobe used to come by the broadcast position give broadcasters daps before game to come across and it always say hello there was one particular time when I was traveling and I used to do my talk show on the road before games I'm at the staples center and they set me up court side doing the show that I had briefly chatted with Colby had a shootaround a few weeks prior some courts I doing my talk show and there's about twenty minutes left of their time and the Lakers want to comment on the floor to do a pre game walk through to go over a few things and Phil Jackson who was very strict send someone over to say you got to tell him that he's going to have to go an engineer at the time said coach is only fifteen twenty minutes left to go can you wrap it up and Kobe Bryant walked over and he said to Phil Jackson well it's okay it's okay coach just give me a few minutes I need to chat with my promise something and then Jackson said okay and they moved to the other end of the floor Kobe sat on the the rest you know with the official scores table is requested a pair of headphones we were doing a segment at the time define greatness and your favorite player in any sport I'll be over heard it he put the headphones on and he listened to the final segment didn't take part in it just listen to it at the conclusion I said to him the next time you're in town and I was in New Orleans at the time the next time you're in town I need to get a one on one I want your definition of greatness and he said you got it he went to the shoot around sure enough in New Orleans a few weeks later I'm leaving the Hornets shootaround and the Lakers are coming in and there's Colby Danny walked up and he said I got your definition are you ready he never forgot he never for god and he gave me ten minutes and I looked up and I I smiled I said he remembered and he said yes I did and he he was so meticulous on those things and if you read the numerous articles about and you'll see other media members and sports writers make reference to his graciousness and how meticulous he was in his ability to recall so he goes ready let's do what I got ten minutes or or Phil Jackson is going to have my you know what we stand there and I said okay and I turned on a little Zuma scene I said Kobe Bryant into one define greatness he didn't say anything for a moment and he said and I'll never forget this hi I'm never forget this because I I wrote it down in one of my idea journals and I used it on the show that afternoon and he said greatness is doing it over and over again nobody matches you this is great this is a choice I may be part of the rest of my life and that was it I never heard it put that way and I said a chase he goes yeah he said I'm always chasing a ring I'm always chasing who's ever wanting to guard me make him regret he guarded me and he said that with a smile a little sense of humor and I said to him that's all I need to be set back I said yeah and then I'll give me a Pat ran down the tunnel he was gone into practice did that moment right there but for him to remember and then come over and I share that story with several media members throughout the league and all those years I was traveling and they all had moments with Colby about how acceptable he was and is amazing ability of recall and and some of the most minute details so that that's one memory right there Jerry V. talking to me about Kobe Bryant Bryant and and he's he's right right he he heard heard stories stories throughout throughout the the day day yesterday yesterday about about how how Kobe Kobe would would remember remember things things and and a a lot lot of of times times it it was was members members of of the the media media they they couldn't couldn't believe believe that that all all these these years years later later or or months months later later or or whatever whatever the the case may have been that he had to very acute memory for things he said to people no matter where they were along the

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