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Days strong winds will affect some areas kate restaurant ray including orkney eastleigh all northeast lee 405 increasing six for a time in north drizzle with four patches then showers motor all good occasionally very poor rutley had barrick one tweet variable three or four faulk patches moderate all good occasionally very poor barrick one tweet whitby northeast backing northwest three or four increasing farm for a time they whitby occasional rain with fog patches showers later motors so good occasionally very poor would be to gibraltar point northeast 405 backing northwest three or four faulk patches than showers motorcycle good occasionally very poor jibril two points to nor folant cyclamic becoming northwest later 405 occasionally six later occasional rain or thundery showers folk patches for a time moderate or good occasionally very poor nor fall into south sea belt cyclonic becoming westley five to seven varying northwesterly 506 later occasional rain all thundery showers monitor good occasionally poll cells he built to lime regis cyclonic becoming west five to seven varying northwest 405 later thundery showers rain for a time modiselle good occasionally poll lam regis salons end including the odds of silly west or north west six together eight decreasing 405 showers rain at first motor to a good ones to saint david said including the bristol channel cyclamic 405 becoming west store northwest five or six decreasing fall later showers occasional rain at first good occasionally poor first saint david said to greats home had including st george's channel northeast backing northwest 405 increasing six for a time raynor showers then fair moderates becoming good occasionally poor first grace own head to the mall of galloway northeast backing northwest 405 raynor showers then fair moderate or good occasionally paul i love man northeast backing west or northwest 405 decreasing 300 less for a time occasional rain fair later moderate all good or 402 calling for lock northeast backing west store.

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