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Right. It's almost like the moneyball guy who was doing all the, but you know, he's human behavior is notoriously very difficult to predict. So although we have these, you know statistics and who tends to do better on what in the moment. You know, I think anything could a mental change can affect all these districts in terms of there'd be previous behavior. And and you know, maybe something like free will or certain things. That's That's that's that's. one. But there's this thing. Leyva family. Maybe hey, look at that. Scientists no matter what the discipline. Everybody doesn't know. There's no free. What is your problem? Well, you would do is in the Lee athlete someone who's at the very pinnacle of game, you have been so practiced that you've taken out that element all taken out, but reduced it to such a small area of inconsistency people now funnel, you spend money on Oregon's too because of your consistency or lack of their in. And that may fluctuate over a course of weeks months. Oh years or diminish certain time in your career. So let me ask you this header with respect to what we were just talking about what Eric was talking about previously and the difficult holes. Let's say you're the first three holes you're doing super well. And it's, you know, happy go lucky, and then, you know, in your mind the fourth hole, you always mess up on. That's kryptonite. That's right, right. What happens in the brain? That makes that actually come true where you know, you is. I look at it self-fulfilling prophecy. Yeah. So your thoughts. Can affect your behavior. We know that. So if you change your mindset, if you think you're going to do poorly, if you're told for example, you're going to do poorly on this math test people tend to do worse than if they're told like with girls girls tend to do better math, and they'll do better on the math test. So telling yourself, oh, this is the whole that. I usually mess up on is going to really negatively affect your performance. The other thing with this game, which is interesting in terms of the psychology..

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