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Is the $11 million until the final option year of that deal. Dick Williams claim Scooter Jeanette. He became an All star. He claimed Jose Iglesias. He claimed Derek Dietrich. Now. He had Mrs. He in my opinion, frustratingly to me, and I've told him is hung on the guy's way too long and appointed to a lack of depth and the system Wandy Peralta. Cody reads the Scott Shovelers and others. Truth be told. I told him What are you doing? What? Why are you keeping those guys And my argument always was. There wasn't enough depth developed in the organization to be able to move on from those guys. He made a very wise decision and not giving an extension is that Cozaar? Can you imagine being a GMO gave Zack Cozart three years $38 million, like the Angels did. Yet. He chose Freddy Galvis over Jose Iglesias. I said earlier, and I'll say it again. I believe, like Dan O'Brien and wave Wayne Krivsky. Some of the fruits of Dick Williams. Labour won't come for a few years, but I believe in As long as I'm here, I'll be ableto to draw the line back and trace it back to Dick Williams. I think he was a tremendous communicator. I think he was more transparent and what he was doing what he was trying to do then, ah, most most in the business, most in that position in this city. Over the years. How did they replace him? I don't know. Do they? I don't know. Do they replace him? With with the financial situation the way it is All things considered in the times we're living in. I don't know. Maybe maybe they don't. If they don't. I'd be curious how they're going to explain it, because when they When they gave Dick the title of president of baseball ops and move Nick Crawl into general manager that was done and presented as and it's true. There is so much on the plate today of a gentlemen, it's too much for one person. There have to be divvied up responsibility, shared responsibilities. This has become more than norm than the exception around Major League Baseball. The Cubs with Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer. That's how Mohr teams than not structure things with two president baseball ops and a general manager. You have your day to day in the major league level. You have your day to day keeping track of triple A double high a low way rook is rookie ball on down. You've got scouting and drafting a developing an international. All of that can't be put on the plate of one anymore. So that leads me to think if they don't fill the position. How did they explain it if they do fill the position? Is it bringing in somebody putting them on the flow chart here above Nick Crawl. Overseeing all of it. Or do they position that person below Nick Crawl? And Nick Oversees all of it. And I'd be curious how this How do I phrase this? How this opportunity This organization. And this Ownership. Is viewed From the outside. How those outside would view this organisation in this opportunity. There's a lot to be done this offseason. I don't know how much financially there's going to be to get it done. There's no question this team needs to be better. There's no question there's a gaping hole at shortstop. I'm still struck by the question. I was asked onto our eyes. You the question on Twitter to me was was this good or bad for the rights? I would say this is bad for the rights. And I would say ultimately, Dick Williams gets credit for stepping away today, having left This organization in a better position than it was when he assumed the title in November of.

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