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Like I think zooms in excellent coach, but he's a defense of coach who, and the staff in Minnesota's done a really good. But they're not showing Peyton right. Todd Bowles is a defense of coach, and the staff in New York is all their quarterback brainpower is going to be spent on the blue chip prospect, Sam darnold. Now, part of me was a little disappointed when I saw he went to a team where he will not be competing for a starting spot, but we that about Aaron Rodgers. Sure. But, but at this point in the season, there wasn't going to be anywhere really that he was going to compete for a starting spot that there was the whole, not the hope, the potential for injury and that he could be traded in plug and play there. You don't look at any team like the colts were last year where you go into the year. Like, man, they got nobody quarterback, maybe trade for someone and start them. And so for Teddy's development, I like this for him and if drew Brees is walking away in a year. Then I like this for New Orleans as well as for teddy once upon a time. When see mentioned New Orleans took an injured quarterback that people had questions about, and he became drew Brees if they can use around the same age studies twenty-five breezes twenty-seven. Yes. If they can take a quarterback that had been injured, people have questions about and turn him into something greater than he'd been in teddy bridgewater's moving forward that that would be amazing from the New Orleans side of things. If breeze isn't walking away, I don't totally understand this. I'm happy for teddy and I think he's starting caliber player, but this is a guy you didn't think was good enough six months ago or four months ago to bring in via free agency for a couple million dollars guaranteed. And now you're giving him giving up a third round pick when you have no control over him after the season. So in that regard, I don't totally understand it from New Orleans, but I'm happy for teddy. Do you think there's some reason behind drew Brees only signing a one year deal with New Orleans because why else. Would eventually quarterback like drew Brees signed McKinney because he Brees has this year. And next year is an option Brees is he signed a two year, fifty million dollar deal for this past offseason member. He was a quarterback at true free agency. So he's tied to the saints for this year and next year. Now obviously he can retire like signing the contract doesn't mean you can't retire, and maybe the same look at it and say, we saw last year a backup quarterback, win a Super Bowl. Like right now, our backup quarterback is either Tom savage whose objectively awful or tastes them hill who is on their punt coverage team like they don't have a backup quarterback there. So maybe that's why it seems like a high price to pay for a back on. So let's assume that he stainless talk about where fits in with the saints. You wonder whether he could be a franchise quarterback, giving what he came back from, even though they brought breeze any did he's got leadership. He's got poise. He's got confidence. He's got accuracy. He may not have the skill set or he's not even close right now. To where the town is a Jew breeze, but doesn't have all the fundamental qualities of some. That you want to say, hey, this is a guy we can get behind as long as he stays healthy. Sean Payton has convinced organization that teddy Bridgewater would take over when drew Brees. I think that's why they spent the third round and Jenner you are right. He has all the attributes that you want. He's going to be the first guy there. He is a born leader. My, he went to a school on a tough school, Miami northwestern teddy Bridgewater quote, quarterback that team and was the team captain, and they got some rough football. He went to Louisville, turn, turn net campus. Turn that university around. He quarterback my Minnesota Vikings. So I know people in the building in the fondness that they have for teddy Bridgewater. I just saw him two days ago at the jets, the jets teammate, state level..

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