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Happened since the immigration judge approved this girl's request for voluntary departure. She talked with their family for the first time. Though now Malia explained to me what that first and only recent video call with with the girl was like and the whole where all new Iran. Ah told me that the girl said hi umbrella and she said Hello my child and that she was crying and she spent seven years crying for her. And the girl said. Oh I will allow but I've already asked from deportation and and I'm going to go and told her come over here. Come with us you can go doing on. Lula's give almost build. Donya Malia learned in this conversation that the girl hasn't learned how to read she's been in the United States for more than six years and she still doesn't know how to read. She also shared that. Most of her days are good but that she's still self harming sometimes and Dona Amalia also said that. She pushed back when the girl said that she wanted to go back to. Dudas the gave us yama visit a busy a long way I saw. What is she going to go do over there to to lose herself to raise children? She's GonNa get passed around from man to man that's what she's headed to do more with dancing. Neither he or she gets is unbeatable. Just gets me. She was lost to us. We didn't have hope we didn't have anything and today we do because we know that the kids are alive. They might be well. They might not be well but they're alive. So has this interaction with her family. Chains the girls desire to leave the country. It's unclear if the girl has formally asked legally asked to change her petition to the courts. The case manager has also been in touch with the family. So there's finally this connection between the government and the family members in the US who are still willing to sponsor her but after some initial contact the family says the case manager is mostly ignoring their calls. Obviously they're worried about losing contact again assuming she does go back to Honduras. Does her family there no win? She might becoming well. I have been able to talk with birth mom. She hasn't been in contact with her daughters since she left on. Liudas eight years ago. She heard from her for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Walk the person. I'm told me that the girl said she didn't want to go back to unload us after all that she wanted to stay with her and with her grandmother. Donio Malia. They're the ones who raise turn. She told me and since they decided to try and give this girl future. I don't WanNa see it twisted around. That's what she told me. She'd said that the growth should be with her family and her family is Danica.

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