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With a one nine five e r a last night albert pool halls hit his six hundred twenty third career home run with daddy passes stan musial in moves it to sixth place on the alltime rbi list with one thousand nine hundred and fifty one angels manager mike social says pool halls is honor those two had a chance to spend a lot of time together when he was in saint louis and he respects respects his legacy tremendously so i think to be in the same sentence with samuel l dollars it's a nice feeling for our our pool halls dow twenty seven th on the alltime hitless with three thousand twenty six and seven on the home run list but red sox will host the white sox today fenway park in boston last night red sox manager alex cora looked on as jd martinez hit his twenty first home run of the season is impressive he's consistent added he we always talk about his preparation how he goes about his business and he has a plan in every about today the red sox have rick poor sellout towing the robber dodgers pitcher walker buehler has bruised ribs not yet known how much time he'll miss he was removed from friday night's game in the sixth inning after his triple crown wedge justifies breeding writes have reportedly been sold for seventy five million dollars trainer bob baffert wins the triple crown again after american pharaoh did it in two thousand fifteen it never gets old american feral hill always be much i love this i do it for mike smith mike smith is he he deserved the fabric courtesy of nbc football seok safety earl thomas announcing on twitter he will not attend this week's mandatory minicamp attila's contract situation is resolved peter schwartz we have a new channel on sirius xm listen to cbs sports radio on sirius xm two.

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