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She now equips women and some men with the tools to transform into healthier and stronger versions of themselves to live life with reality. Thank you jane for joining us. Really really appreciate it. You're welcome thank you for having me. Yeah this is going to be an awesome discussion. I love talking about these kinds of subjects. you know getting into fasting in different things and how they affect the body. I think that's totally part of having hope and moving forward in life is that's a huge part of it right and sleep affects just about every aspect of our lives. So let's let's dive right into this and talk about some of these subjects. Okay so you know like you said. I reached a very low point for ten years. And kinda i hit rock bottom when i was in college and that was a place where i felt very hopeless. I didn't like who i was. I didn't like anything about myself I didn't open my circle to anybody. And i didn't let anyone or i didn't enter anyone else's circle so i was very isolated and and and really thought i was completely unlovable so i was at a point where i felt very hopeless and then I had kind of an aha moment and realized that. I have this knowledge with my clinical laboratory science degree and with athletes. And i merged those two worlds and and transformed not only my body but Transformed my mind as well and i built up so much hope that it has almost become like a shield of of armor and i feel like nothing can break that hope in me now because when i start to feel weak i look back at each one of the pillars. I say which one of these pillars is not strong. And then i fortified that pillar. And i've got my shield in place and i am. I'm living with hope. I loved that analogy. That you have built this fortress or the shield that will fight off any anything that has been you've struggled with in the past. I love that so jason. i left quote unquote. You really quick here when you love who you are. You become healthy. Strong and unstoppable. This is true transformation body and mind. This is the gift that wanna share. So that was a quote that you jane share and we love talking about the body and mind. I love the mind. Because i think it's so powerful. So walk us through one of these The pillar so about recovery. What what do you mean by that. And how can people fortify their shield. Okay so recovery. A big part of recovery asleep and we not only as a society. Don't get enough sleep. But we don't get Quality sleep so even though you might be in bed for six or seven years you might be going to bed later or earlier in the morning. So you're not getting the quality sleep that your body needs so.

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