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Yes you're beautiful wheel out of according to know facts just read between the lines that hard i mean that's all you gotta do yeah you journalists get bogged down with facts and sources and rechecking checking again and just you know you're taking patient goes usually takes you the right spot it does it takes you to lebron winning right because lebron lebron this lebron being someone loses in the first round you won't believe it until you've seen it correctly the braves don't be the as man that's it the real rubicon it's that to it you know it's it is it's it's a real real gone you're right that perfect were choice ad so what i'm telling you is that jordan according to the personal record okay any of those games played in number forty five that was not michael jordan it was somewhat else so none of those games count okay and he was suspended for gambling aqua according to your personal record book so i wanna get to this who stuff because it's important social commentary anka's area again hankas areas fifty four sold today a big giant happy birthday to our controversial friend jim brock meyer and hankins area and birthday to him i don't care good luck wait brock meyer and area the same birthday yes oddly enough and they seem to be obsessed with each other jim brock meyer debuts season two tonight i f c so apu is the character hank area.

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