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That will be a similar dynamic. It would just be even more strict into able already have significant amounts of money And all restaurant operators who already have significant cash flow. Yeah friends Reliability with existing levels certainly in the certainly in the more expensive neighborhoods. Right but i think that you know. That's where the other thing too is to say. Well if you look back at the at the recession in two thousand eight that's a really interesting connection that you draw to it because one of the other things that sort of happened around that in in your city and in many cities is that it began to draw increased interest in Well this is a whole other can of worms but Gentrification revitalization whatever you wanna call it in urban areas that did not have the same ran Like rent overheads as the more traditionally desirable built up areas and coffee. Certainly was in many cases. Kind of the tip of the sword for that And they wonder if the compelling bit and and part of me wants to look at this as a little bit of optimism the idea that coffee remains this dream for a lot of people and if you get layoff laid off from your corporate job you were always the coffee guy in office or you got laid off from your job in marketing or something. But you've always been you worked as a so when you're in college and you and your friends get together and go for coffee and you've always sort of said well you know. Would i be able to make a beautiful expressive coffee shop someday. I think that that's that dream is still there for people. People still really connect to that. And i want to be a little bit optimistic and and perhaps selfishly optimistic that i'm going to get to write about all these lovely places that men and women go on to open in cities and places around the world that i really hope that that that dream sort of continues and.

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