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That's not a suck up. It's a fact. No doubt like me. You've been watching very closely What it is that's going on out there, especially in the Middle East. We will be covering all the big stories that are out there that are moving. But none at this point, I think is is Mork compelling Maurer worrisome and more emblematic than the Biden Harris foreign policy. Then what is taking place between Gaza and Israel? The Israeli Palestinian conflict, escalating Maura over the weekend with yesterday, marking the deadliest day since the attacks began a week ago. Israel defended taking out a building that housed various media outlets, including The Associated Press. Israel, noting that Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad Also occupied the space. This is one of those strategic decisions that's been made by Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad organizations, those organizations hostile to the state of Israel. They think nothing off stationing civilians. Media. What have you write their cheek by jowl inside these buildings, these high rises there in Gaza. And it's essentially going back to the use of human shields because that is what we have. And so that building that media building as it's being described was being was taken down. By the Israelis. It's him. It's important. Understand something here. The Israelis don't just bomb buildings in Gaza. They give advance warning and notice that they're going to take the building down. The SMS texts go out to the occupants. Announcements are made that this is a place that's going to be targeted. The Israelis are doing their level best to not target innocent civilians, as opposed to what is happening from rockets being launched from inside civilian communities in Gaza. Being fired into Israel. It is. It is absolutely two different metrics. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Somebody who's been targeted by the Obama administration and now I don't think particularly respected by the Biden administration appeared on CBS's face The Nation yesterday, saying that Israel will do whatever it takes to restore order and quiet. But reminded host John Dickerson that they have a right to defend themselves were targeting a terrorist organization that is targeting our civilians and hiding behind their civilians using them as human shields. We're doing everything we can to hit the terrorists themselves, their rockets, They're rocket caches and their arms. But we're not going to just let them get away with it. Now that, would you? I mean, just imagine what would have happened if you had 2900 rockets fired on Washington and New York and others? I think you would understand our position. I think you do actually. The reality here is pretty clear. One side is attempting to minimize casualties. The other side is attempting to maximize and take full advantage of casualties. You will almost never, and I'll have more comments on this. In a moment. You will almost never see Moment of video or a photograph. Of Hamas fighters. Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters Hezbollah fighters up north, You almost never see them engaged in the firing of rockets. Or the firing of guns. You will only see carefully choreographed images of the victims of retaliation from Israel. You will see rubble you'll see wounded and killed men, women and Children. You will see scenes from hospitals, but you will never see. Video. Of Palestinian Islamic Jihad or Hamas, firing rockets out of neighborhoods into into communities in Israel. Just just follow firing them randomly. Rush made this abundantly clear early on that diplomacy is not going to solve this. He did this the last time around. Look, I'm going to say some things that I think are slam dunk true and accurate and no brainers. It's just that you will not hear things like this in the drive by media, but I got to tell you folks, I'm 63. I have been paying attention to this issue. Since I was a teenager. It doesn't matter. Who is the president? Doesn't matter who's running. The Palestinians doesn't matter who the prime minister of Israel is really This dispute has never changed in terms of the way it is presented in the media. And it's always presented in the media as though there is a diplomatic solution that can be had that is there for the taking, and there isn't There never will be a diplomatic solution. There will be diplomatic moments. But diplomacy is not going to solve this. The only way it's not just this. It's any conflict like this that involves military One of these two sides is going to have to win and the other is going to have to lose. And until that happens, there will not be a solution. And yet Every day of my life. Have been force fed the ideas. Conventional wisdom doesn't matter. Every year of my life every day. Every month. I've been force Fed news stories. Where in the narrative or the template is that a diplomatic solution is at hand or a diplomatic solution looks grim or a diplomatic solution is slipping away or we on the verge of grieving and diplomatic, and it's none of it true. There is no diplomatic solution. We've had some of the best diplomats the world's produced Try to solve this and they have failed. We've had some of the worst diplomats. The world has produced one them serving right now, and they have failed. Because there isn't a diplomatic solution. All you have to do is read the Hamas charter. The Hamas charter explicitly calls for the elimination of Israel. There is no way to negotiate that There is no middle ground. We've been dealing with this episode. This way. Let me just pick a year since 1950 all right, 64 years. Of trying the identical thing. Now I understand that there's a lot of political power to be gained by talking about how much you hate war and you do anything to stop war and you will do anything you can to stop civilian casualties. There's great political Game there. If you can convince people that's what you're after either, is a Democrat president or a secretary state or what have you But it's.

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