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General in chief and president in our entire history before the civil war he fails at one business after another in st louis his reduced to selling firewood on street corners in st louis finally he goes to by his father and desperation and asked his father pre can works work as a clerk in his father's a leather goods store and glina illinois where he goes to work as a clerk gene junior to his two younger brothers okay the civil war breaks out in this man who's a certified failure is now in his late thirties two months later he's a colonel four months later he's a brigadier general ten months later is major general and by the end of the war this former cleric is general in chief of the union army with a million soldiers under his command the biggest military establishment that we'd ever created by far up until that point right so you ever you have a guy here uh in he's that short how peltola z that his by five seven friday hunched over area in really dress well now then handle that kelkal hunched over strong as an ox right y'all a unbelievable cool and composure under pressure he's got anything great horse me yeah and you know the funny thing is i feel that dead with grant the charisma is the lack of charisma the drama is the lack of drama when people would see him rather than saving large alive he would signal a smaller than life i couldn't quite dumb i believe it i have a very very funny story i in the book that when grant first met edwin stanton is a sacribey where they met on the train uh outside of indianapolis and dust stanton had never seen grand before so he barges into the car and he starts pumping the hand of grants doctored chris grants doctors the one who looks impressive you can't imagine that this rather short slight men who the water is that a highlyengaged group yet yeah exactly right so that i think it's only deary to this heed the highs and lows i didn't expect him to be this outstanding quartermaster right i n met the mexican what you think you so what's the big deal will is really big deal have plane you have to plan logistic i.

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